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Busoga Diocese, Kingdom rift deepens


Busoga Diocese, Kingdom rift deepens

looking on Busoga Diocese Rt Rev Paul Moses Naimanhye

The rift between Busoga Kingdom and Busoga Diocese seems to be widening every minute after the kingdom Prime Minister, Dr. Joseph Muvawala, accused the diocese of intending to grab their land.

This follows Busoga Diocese’s one billion shillings project which it launched last week for constructing the bishop’s house in the contested Nakanyonyi land adjacent to Bugembe Cathedral.

In a two-page letter Muvawala has  issued, he accuses the diocese of settling the dispute with one encroacher, outside court, without the consent of the kingdom, yet the kingdom had applied to be a party to the case.

The letter expressed the Kyabazinga’s disappointment at the Jinja Chief Magistrate’s Court for blatantly disregarding and denying the Kyabazinga an opportunity to partake in the Civil Suit 96/2012 between Ali Kirunda and the trustees of the Church of Uganda Busoga Diocese over the land in Nakanyonyi village in Bugembe Town Council.

He says that the Court ignored the suit and went ahead to allow a Memorandum of Understanding (an MoU) to be signed between the two parties outside court on 17th May 2017 resulting into the Kyabazinga’s  loss of the same land. “In the same vein, the Kyabazinga would like to earnestly express his great disappointment to the trustees of the Church of Uganda, Busoga Diocese for this action.”

Enumerating the points of disagreement, Muvawala’s letter went on to state that the Kyabazinga

Intends “to seek redress from the courts of law over the matter and would like to ask the public to be vigilant to follow this matter all the way until justice is served. Remember, our forbearers (grandfathers) selflessly sacrificed for us and so we cannot afford to kill our future generations with acts of Impunity,” the letter added.

In his letter, the Prime Minister, calls upon all individuals, organizations and institutions dwelling on Kyabazinga’s land, whether yet discovered or not, to come and reach an amicable understanding with him to reduce areas of friction and avoid unwarranted embarrassment.

He wrote that the Kyabazinga had “formally tendered a request to the Central Government

to return all property belonging to the kingdom and “shall continue to pursue the same until they are returned.”

Muvawala wrote that the Kyabazinga regards that the hallmarks of his kingship as; unity, transparency, accountability and impact.



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