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Ex-ISO chief Kyeeye dies in Boda accident


Ex-ISO chief Kyeeye dies in Boda accident

Ex-Journalist/Security operative Teddy Sseezi Kyeye                         Photo Credit: Chimp Reports

Veteran journalist cum security operative Teddy Sseezi Kyeeye died yesterday after being knocked by a speeding motor cycle (boda boda) at Nakawa, a Kampala Suburb, The Sunrise has learned.

Reports reaching The Sunrise indicate that Kyeye was knocked down by a speeding boda boda as he was crossing the road near the busy Nakawa Traffic Lights.

Kyeye earned both fame and notoriety back in the 1990s as the publisher of the investigative pamphlet titled Uganda Confidential. Kyeye’s work as a journalist suffered from his sensational approach that involved exposing inner goings-on in the first family.

In early 2000s, Kyeye was recruited as an ISO operative and while in ISO he served as the Director for Economic Monitoring. Kyeeye turned hunter being hunted when he was named in a massive corruption scandal surrounding the misuse of funds meant for vaccination (GAVI) programme

The High Court sentenced him to ten (10) years in Luzira prison, only to be released last year after completing his punishment.



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