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Omukama’s Debts Put Rukurato Hall Up for Auction


Omukama’s Debts Put Rukurato Hall Up for Auction

Rukurato Hall is up for grabs

Rukurato Hall is up for grabs

One of Uganda’s largest and most historic kingdoms – the Kingdom of Bunyoro Kitara will lose one of its most important and prized asset the Rukurato Hall on October 18, 2019 unless the institution or the government helps to clear debts in excess of UGX211 million.

The threat of losing the Rukurato Hall – or the seat of Parliament of Bunyoro Kingdom, arises from a decision of the Magistrate Court of Hoima which ruled in favour of a family which was evicted from their house by the Omukama Solomon Gafabusa Iguru more than ten years ago.

According to Dennis Asiimwe, from Maji Moto Auctioneers and Court Bailiffs, the Omukama evicted the family of Patrick Kyomuhendo and Dr. Grace Kyomuhendo in addition to demolishing a house they had erected on the land. The Omukama converted the house into dormitories for his soldiers without prior compensation.

The victims sought court’s intervention which ruled in their favour and instructed the Omukama to compensate them plus damages worth over UGX211m.

The Omukama defied the Court’s ruling which forced the complainants to compel the Omukama to pay the money by way of attaching some of the assets of the kingdom.

Assimwe said that court attached the Rukurato Hall in the hope of recovering the monies owed to the complainants as well as the costs of the auctioneers.

A newspaper advert that appeared this week in the Monitor of September 18, 2019 confirms the seriousness of the matter.

But Assimwe told The Sunrise that the Omukama is reluctant to pay and suspects that he and the leadership of the Kingdom are banking on the goodwill of the government to rescue them from the embarrassing situation.



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