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‘The Uganda I want’ ‘Rt. Rev, Dr. Kaziimba


‘The Uganda I want’ ‘Rt. Rev, Dr. Kaziimba

Dr. Stephen Samuel Kaziimba Mugalu

As he prepares to take up the leadership of the Province of the Church of Uganda,  The Rt. Rev. Dr. Stephen Samuel Kaziimba Mugalu has outlined his vision for Uganda.

Dr. Kaziimba identified five pillars which he notes, that with God’s grace and guidance, will help him contribute to making Uganda a happy and prosperous society.

“I believe that if we focus on these areas, Uganda will not remain the same and I will put all my efforts on achieving them,” said Dr. Kaziimba during one of the tours he conducted before he handed over the leadership of Mityana Diocese to his successor Dr. James Bukomeko.

God-Fearing Nation

Dr. Kaziimba’s record in Mityana speaks for itself when it comes to inculcating the Gospel of Jesus Christ as the path of salvation. But beyond his strong belief in the Power of Jesus, Dr. Kaziimba notes that Uganda’s forefathers thought it right to realise that a nation cannot be without God’s grace – he the National Motto; ‘For God and My Country,’ But Dr Kaziimba says that professing the fear of God must not simply remain in words, but must be actively demonstrated with people who are devoted to God.

Dr. Kaziimba notes that it is only by doing what Christ preaches, that Ugandan society will be able to confront the evils of Corruption, Child murders and others that have devoured the nation.

Dr Kaziimba cites his own personal life as a living example of how God’s power can transform someone. Raised by a single mother amid abject poverty, Dr. Kaziimba had lost hope in life that he could be someone. All that changed when he openly proclaimed his devotion for Christ in his youth days. “I am what I am by The Grace of God. If you believe in Jesus Christ, you will always be successful,” he says.

Healthy nation

Dr. Kaziimba’s strong faith in the power of divine intervention has not clouded his right sense of reason. For this fact, he names the desire to ensure that people need to take responsibility of their lives as a paramount pre-condition for building a society that fears God and one that develops.

He cites the need for immunisation as one of those evidence-based campaigns that parents must observe in order to raise a healthy nation.

“If it time for immunization, take the children to be immunized. At home, sleep in a mosquito net and eat well,” he adds.

In order to achieve this, Dr. Kaziimba argues that people must obey their instructions by health professionals, but also take good care of themselves to avoid falling sick all the time.

“If you are not sick, you can work and improve you life and the nation as well. But if people are constantly falling sick, they will not be able to work,” he says.

An Educated Nation:

The Archbishop-elect says that knowledge can greatly transform a nation from backwardness into prosperity.

He gives an example of his family where all his four children hold qualifications in different fields, besides their avowed faith in Jesus.

During his service in Mityana Dr. Kaziimba proved this by promoting education across the diocese.

He is remembered for constructing modern schools, renovating those that had been delapidated.

He has also supported the members of the clergy to go for further studies which created a crop of clergy that is not only competent in preaching the gospel of Jesus but one that it can taken on more tasks to help transform society.

A Hard-working Nation:

Bishop Kaziimba not only preaches hard-work, he practices it.

Through his 11-year leadership of Mityana Diocese, Dr. Kaziimba actively encouraged Christians to engage in numerous economic development projects.

During his tenure, he introduced 25 projects which helped to transform not just the church but also offered hope for lifting the lives of millions of Christians across the diocese. Ranging from farming, to commerce and other economic activities, Bishop Kaziimba achieved a lot thanks to his superb mobilisation skills.

Dr Kaziimba pionered the concept and practice of business evangelism in Mityana and perhaps across the Province of the Church of Uganda. Under this model, the Church engages directly into business or partners with members of the community into joint business ventures.

He is remembered widely for noting that it is important for the church to look for the lost coin while at the same look for the lost sheep.

“There is a lost sheep and the lost coin. But we need to first get the lost coin so that we use it to get back the lost sheep. We need money to do everything in our lives, church and nation,” he once said.

A Harmonious Nation:

Bishop Kaziimba is well known for his role as a unifier. His amiable humble and friendly  personality endeered many people to him regardless of their faith or ethnic background.

He also uses this attribute to reach out to as many people as possible. By connecting with all people he actively promotes peace.

Indeed as he bid farewell to the people of Mityana after 11 years of service, the theme of Unity among Christians was the most prominent message to the people.

Dr. Kaziimba explains that harmony must start in the family by remaining faithful to one another and embracing God as the guider for everything. He adds that joining hands in different economic activities is another vital path to peace.








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