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Tiger testing positive to Coronavirus, is first confirmed case in animals


Tiger testing positive to Coronavirus, is first confirmed case in animals

Since the news of a Tiger testing positive to Coronavirus, pet owners have started to take precautions by buying masks for their companions

It started as a rumour that some people in Arab countries had become hostile to pet animals such as cats because they were feared to be spreading the deadly Coronavirus. But this had not been confirmed and many considered it a knee-jerk reaction triggered by fear.

But this fear has now been confirmed after a Tiger at a zoo in the Bronx region of New York tested positive to the Coronavirus, according to the BBC.

The Chief Vetenerian at the Bronx Zoo, in New York City, told the BBC that a four-year tiger named Nadia has tested positive to the Coronavirus, after it displayed symptoms similar to those seen in humans; a dry cough and high temperature. Tests that were carried out by the National Veterinary Services Laboratory in Iowa, confirmed the infection.

The Vets say the development is unprecedented in big cats and is the first of its kind to test positive to the Coronavirus anywhere in the world. They however note that there is no evidence the cats will become ill or whether they could pass over the infection to humans.

Social media reports indicate that ever since this news came out, Americans, who are big fans of pets, have had to change their handling of the animals with some fearing they could easily transmit the infection by interacting between the sick and normal people. Besides, it may be difficult to know how animals transmit the virus.



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