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Kabalye: Police pass out 4809 new officers


Kabalye: Police pass out 4809 new officers

Museveni passing the officers out in Kabalye

Museveni said that “I passed out 4809 Learner Assistant Inspectors of Police and Probationary Police Constables at Police Training School, Kabalye. The police to citizen ratio is now 1: 890. Our target is one police officer to 500 citizens.”

We are not only about the numbers but also quality. In 1979, we recruited graduates in the police for the first time. We said education must be part of our police.
In a statement released he added that, “When I look at the police group that I passed out today, I feel so happy, they are all young. They so much look like me in 1961. I urged them to remain loyal to their mission, for the future is bright.”
I also directed the new police entrants to protect women from thugs. Why allow thugs to beat women when you are nearby. Nobody should attack a member of the public when police are nearby, subdue that thug.

Officers at Kabalye Masindi



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