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Religious Members from Four Countries, Cooperate to End COVID-19


Religious Members from Four Countries, Cooperate to End COVID-19

Members of the religious groups attending a Prayer Meeting

On October 18th,2020 religious members who cooperate with Heavenly Culture World Peace Restoration of Right (HWPL) in 4 countries held an online religious meeting in the hopes of overcoming COVID-19.

About 40 people representing various beliefs such as Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism, Islam, and Christianity participated at ‘2020 religious meeting for the end of COVID-19 and sustainable peace’, which was hosted by HWPL Department of World Alliance of Religion Scriptures Education, JeonBuk branch.

In the face of COVID-19 global disaster, the ‘Prayer Meeting’ was organized to overcome the crisis transcending denominations and religious affiliations.

At the prayer meeting, Christians and Catholics prayed, Buddhists joined their hands in prayers, Hindus recited prayers in Sanskrit, and the rest read their own scriptures. All attendees expressed their wish to put an end to the COVID-19 outbreak in their own ways.

Participants at the meeting also regularly participated at the interfaith dialogues called World Alliance of Religion Peace(WARP) office.

At the WARP office, participants compare different religious scriptures and achieve interfaith reconciliation and solidarity on the basis of the most trustworthy scriptures in order to resolve all the global conflicts caused by religions and make the world of peace.

Rev. Canon William Ongeng of Anglican Church in Uganda said “We hope end of COVID-19 and restoration of globe with same mind despite of each other religions, and I felt deep impression as it let us find as like-minded as others.”

Dr. Ashin Acara of Anglican Church in America, said “Religious members must break the wall of denomination, sect and religion then must be one in the situation that Everyone in the world are suffering from COVID-19“ and “I think peace of HWPL has connection with sincere unity and solidarity of religion.“

Currently, HWPL is running 253 WARP offices in 129 countries. HWPL JeonBuk branch is working with one in America, two in Kenya, one in Uganda and one in Cambodia.

Furthermore, HWPL is stepping up along with various civil societies to play the key role in bringing the world of peace and cessation of armed conflicts beyond the boundaries of politics, religions, nationalities, and ethnicities.

Recently, HWPL volunteers who recovered from the COVID-19 infections participated in massive plasma donation twice to overcome COVID-19 pandemic together.

HWPL is also working closely with human rights experts in order to resolve human rights infringements related with COVID-19 outbreak.



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