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Justice Kisakye accuses Chief Justice of confiscating her ruling


Justice Kisakye accuses Chief Justice of confiscating her ruling

Justice Esther Kisakye…photo by Nile post

Supreme Court Judge Justice Esther Kisakye one of the justices hearing Robert Kyagulanyi’s petition has accused Chief Justice Alfonse Owiny Dollo of confiscating her file containing a dissenting ruling to what other justices had decided.

The court had earlier given in detail reasons for not allowing Kyagulanyi to amend his petition, file more evidence, and also allowing him to withdraw the election petition with After rulings read by Justice Ruby Opio Aweri, Ezekiel Muhanguzi, and Paul Mugamba, the Chief Justice told the audience that the court would go for a 30-minute break before returning for Justice Kisakye to read her own rulings.

Justice Kisakye returned to the courtroom to read her rulings in the case but she claimed that her file was missing.

“I am here waiting for my ruling for delivery. The Chief Justice and the other members of the quorum, have opted not to be part of this afternoon’s proceedings and I respect their decision, However, what is of a surprise to me is that my file has apparently been confiscated on the orders of the Chief Justice.” Kisakye said.

Justice Kisakye said she is returning to the court chambers to look for the file before reading the dissenting ruling.

“I am proceeding to the court building to recover my file and I come back to read my ruling today as scheduled.”

Kisakye said the CJ has decided to use barbaric means and use his powers in the manner he choose.

“Their dissent is that I declined to circulate my ruling among other justices yet there’s no law that binds me to do so, they wanted to vet my ruling before I presented it. I thought it my duty to disobey the orders of the CJ,” she said.



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