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Opposition to propose changes to media laws


Opposition to propose changes to media laws

Mathias Mpuuga, the Leader of Opposition in Parliament

In a move to safeguard the freedom of speech and freedom of the media, the Opposition is seeking to propose amendments to the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) Act and other media laws in the country.

LOP Mathias Mpuuga with Mityana District Woman MP Ntwatwa (left) with Salt Media’s boss Pastor Aloysius Bugingo while on a visit to Salt Media.

The UCC Act regulates the communications electronic media i.e TV, Radio and online as well as the telecommunications sector.

According to the Leader of the Opposition Mathias Mpuuga, the Shadow Cabinet has kick-started a process of developing amendments to the Act and other media laws, which he says are draconian.

“The powers in Uganda Communications Commission are really not powers in a democracy. We want to really unwind some of the draconian media laws so that they can speak to the kind of democracy we want to build,” Mpuuga said.

Following a series of visits to different media houses across Kampala, Mpuuga said that UCC is given a lot of powers that are in most cases misused against the media and therefore a need to unpack laws strangling media freedom.

Mpuuga says that the Opposition is going to make consultations with media practitioners as part of their approach and that the amendments they intend to table on the floor of parliament are going to be under a Private Member’s Bill.

“One of the Opposition members, preferably the Shadow Minister of Information Joyce Bagala will come up with the Bill after consultations with media houses for input,” he said.



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