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SPARE MUHOOZI! Museveni is rehearsing for another rap in 2026


SPARE MUHOOZI! Museveni is rehearsing for another rap in 2026

President Yoweri Museveni (left) chats with son Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba

The narrative doing rounds currently within and without the political corridors rotates around whether Gen. Yoweri Kaguta Museveni Tibuhaburwa, having been in power for close to 35 years come 2026, is going to vie for a seventh term. On the other hand, one cannot ignore the spirited and sustained campaign to try to project Kaguta’s son, Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba, as a potential successor to Museveni.

Just a few months into his six term, Museveni has already started to throw hints indicating he is not ready yet to cede power to anybody let alone his son, Lt. Gen David Kainerugaba Muhoozi never mind the spirited and sustained social media campaign that the old man is grooming and positioning his son to take over from him.

As the pressure on Museveni to declare his successor mounts each passing day and as talkers intensify the Muhoozi project, the beneficiary of such talk Muhoozi fortunately stepped out only a few days back to say he is not interested in taking after his dad!

The talkers had possibly analysed meetings Muhoozi was holding with presidents within the region at the present coupled with the manner in which his promotion within the army has been fast-tracked and how the bush war heroes are quickly being retire as leads to conclude that Museveni is actually introducing his son to the intricate corridors of power.

Now going by what Muhoozi stated lately, it can be assumed that the land forces commanders’ assumed presidential ambitions are lying somewhere in the fridge – at least – for the time being.

A few days before Muhoozi came out with the denial above, president Museveni had through the Ministry of Gender and Labor conveniently launched what is appropriately dubbed as the ghetto talent search project.

Only one person given, may be, the rigors and time involved in the legendary hunt for ugali and sukuumawiiki, seems to have captured the intentions of the president in launching the project he launched and at the time he chose to launch it.

That person is singer Buchaman of the Lwaki Temumatira ( Why Don’t You Feel Me) fame. Buchaman, it seems, is abreast with what many Ugandans including the 2021 presidential candidates apart from Museveni seem not to be abreast of.

Buchaman having turned out as Museveni’s chief campaigner in the ghettos during the last elections, seems to know how the oldman is going to use the project he launched to try as early as possible to undercut Bobi Wine in the ghetto.

After all, Buchaman is the mastermind of the ghetto talent search project. He used it during the last campaigns albeit without much to show for the effort given, may be, the little campaign time he had at hand.

This is why as soon as the project was launched, Buchaman, stepped out to say he is the owner of the idea and demanded the president to involve him in campaigns he has launched well ahead of 2026 to harvest youths from the ghettos.

Museveni having realized the importance of the project and before Buchaman raised dust, had passed it over to the gender and labor ministry to quickly use it to disguisedly harvest Bobi’s stadiums of supporters within the ghettos.

We all saw and know how Bobi harvested a lot of votes from the ghettos being a Rasta and a ghetto-bred child and singer, home owner and investor, compared to the high- end Nakasero resident, Museveni’s paltry votes.

Whilst Museveni used roses and guns as well as the ghetto language to try to sway the ghetto youths, it was a little too late since Bobi is heavily rooted and much more liked in those slums.

Museveni having learned hard lessons and particularly having come face to face with abject poverty, joblessness that is prevailing in the slums during the times he campaigned there, now understands fully such dilemmas unlike before when he possibly stayed aloof unaware of what was going on in the ghettos.

Given that the president is likely to return in 2026, coupled with the fact that the people in the ghettos largely ignored him during the last elections, is the reason why Museveni has this time round hit the road to ghettos quite early.

By hitting the road so early, Museveni and his game planners hope they are going to find it much easier to date voters in the ghettos using sweeteners such as talent search and development, believing that come the next polls, the youths so charmed will return the favor by voting massively for him.

It is also important to mention the fact that the president has lately escalated the project of killing off the opposition. He is doing this quite early as opposed to sitting by and waiting for 2026 to act.

It is understandable. We all saw and witnessed Bobi giving Museveni quite a hard time in the January elections. The president learned lessons. He wants to fix Bobi and the Iike pretty early.

While he denies it because it is scandalous, Museveni is demanding for a ban to bail for suspects on terrorism, treason and murders charges because politicians like him, find it politically safe to use courts of law as well as jail to fix opponents as well as scare others.

Fortunately and for the sake of this article, Museveni has used the office of the DPP, the police and the courts of law on many occasions previously to disadvantage almost all his political opponents worth the name.

Accordingly, it can be safely said that Museveni is taking advantage of the ongoing trial of Kawempe North MP Mohammad Ssegirinya and his NUP counterpart Allan Ssewannyana (Makindye East) who are facing allegations of sponsoring terrorism, to fix the opposition ahead of 2026.

The president, albeit, cautiously is moving to protect bibanja holders from being evicted. He knows very well the untitled Ugandans outnumber their titled landlords. As such, the Bibanja holders who boast of numbers can surely vote to return him to power in 2026 if he can only quickly do things pleasing to them.

Rwabwogo’s swift denial

Another indicator Museveni is still around comes in the form of denial issued by First Son-in-law, Odrek Rwaboogo.

Rwaboogo issued the furious denial after campaign posters thought to have been sponsored by him cropped up on social media, claiming he was warming up to face the dad of his wife come 2026.

Rwaboogo possibly facing unbearable pressure from quarters easy to figure out, understandably reached paper and pen and wrote a missive to the State House groomed cum New Vision fresh principal, Don Wanyama who swiftly publicized the denial word by word.

Earlier on, president Museveni who feels former speaker turned deputy premier, Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga nurses ambitions of running against him for the big seat in the land, had spoken to loyal cadre, speaker Jacob Oulanyah and directed him to completely erase the ghost of Kadaga from parliament by renaming the Kadaga Parliamentary Institute.

Oulanyah upon receipt of directives from the boss, Spoke to the NRM MPs who boast of the numbers in parliament, to do what the party leader wanted done. The NRM MPs didn’t disappoint. The concerned lawmakers have since switched names to read something akin to the Uganda Parliament Institute.

Reversing back into the days immediately after the elections, former Prime Minister, the submissive Ndugu Ruhakana Rugunda upon being called upon to ‘show work’ by a section of Ugandans by standing against his boss, quickly issued a furious denial in much the same way Rwaboogo did, distancing himself from such ill-mannered people and their anti-sole candidate behaviours.

Rugunda not only denied the possibility of holding presidential ambitions in the near future, but even stated how he will never ever hold such thoughts at any one time!

Ndugu must have properly learned useful lessons from what happened to pal, John Patrick Amama Mbabazi when the former super minister recklessly jumped the queue and contested against the president in 2016 indeed.



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