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Individuals mobilize for Luuka district


Individuals mobilize for Luuka district

After suffering humiliation in the 2013 national primary and secondary schools examinations, prominent people from Luuka agreed to solicit funds to reconstruct schools and other structures in their home district. They held prayers led by Rev Charles Wamukolo.


Kamwana regretted that he was being praised for the good performance in Jinja Municipality where he is the Principal Education Officer yet in his home district, academic standards were collapsing.

“I don’t think we have different teachers or children excelling intown. We just need to change the mindset and make sure that change begins with whoever is here by mobilizing other people to support failing institutions,” Kamwana said.

Members who included Mrs Migereko, wife to Lands minister Daudi Migereko unanimously resolved to start by erecting a modern house for the archdeacon of Kiyunga after discovering that the current house for the man of God was constructed in 1958 and it was leaking.

“Our next target will be Kiyunga primary school, the major primary school in the district which is in rubbles and academically obsolete,” Kamwana said.

The programs manager ANPPICAN, Jimmy Ivans Obbo, who also hails from Luuka, expressed concern at the miserable state of Kiyunga health centre.

During the tour of the hospital they found out that the health centre lacked a maternity ward.

“I promised to lead by example in mobilizing donors and friends from within and outside the country to extend support to the facility to save mothers from giving birth on veranda” Obbo said.

They contributed Ush 3m in cash and Ush 2m in pledgestowards the construction of the archdeacon’s house with a promise toconvene a general meeting in April to devise a general strategy of intervening in affairs of the district.

Luuka was among the worst performing districts in last year’s Primary Leaving Examinations and Uganda Certificate of Education Examinations.



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