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Masengere and Buganda’s radical transformation


Masengere and Buganda’s radical transformation

The newly completed Masengere house is a source of pride for many Baganda

How Mayiga brought back the smiles

Only a few years ago, during Kabaka Mutebi’s 60th birthday celebrations, one could not fail to notice the dramatic change in Buganda’s pulse and certainly a new sense of direction.

But one man is the difference between the resurgent Buganda and that of 2000s. The appointment of Charles Peter Mayiga as the new Katikkiro of Buganda was received with lukewarm response given that many of his predecessors were senior citizens but had largely failed in their tenures.

But at this week’s 60th birthday celebrations at Mengo, many people tossed to Mayiga’s achievements as a sign of Buganda’s revival. In the three years of his reign, Mayiga has succeeded in erecting the fence around Kasubi tombs but also completing Masengere house – through his flagship fund raising campaign – Ettofaali.

Katikkiro Mayiga receiving the mase

Mayiga started his reign by expressing his unreserved commitment towards the protection of the Kabaka and the kingdom – the secret of Buganda’s endurance. He further reassured the people of Buganda that they had the potential to achieve more by themselves only if united.

Many however credit his successes to his commitment to transparency, something that has reassured many Baganda to donate more towards the Kingdom’s development.

Vice President Edward Kiwanuka Ssekandi is one of those that laud Mayiga for his tireless efforts which he observed have restored Buganda’s lost glory.

“I highly commend you (referring to Mayiga) for your efforts and commitment towards Buganda’s cause. You have ably and tirelessly stood firm to ensure Buganda’s return to its former glory,” Ssekandi said.

President Museveni’s donation of a brand new Land Cruiser executive car, may also be attributed to Mayiga’s rapprochement with the central government. During his reign, Mayiga has emphasised cooperation than competition between Mengo and the central government.

This approach has helped his win the support of the central government departments such as KCCA, Parliament among others.

Busiro County Member of parliament (MP) and former deputy information minister for Buganda Mederd Lubega Ssegona told The sunrise that the meteoric achievement of a man he deputized for five years is no surprise.

“He is such a focused leader whose secret lies in honoring and promoting teamwork which has produced all the results we are seeing today,” Seggona added.

“I also commend him for tackling priority areas of the kingdom and displaying the true traits of a true leader and that is why all of us are now happy.”

But Mayiga’s ‘Tofaali’ fundraising drive has not left everyone happy in Uganda.

But Mayiga is not about to be diverted by what he recently termed diversionary voices.

He said: “Those who are giving are not tired, those collecting are also not tired and there are things yet to be done. The people of Buganda have collected more than Shs7 billion and you say that ettofaali should end, why should anybody be concerned?” Mayiga said recently while fund raising in Kawempe Division the home of his sworn critic Muzaata.

The current momentum in the Ettofaali campaign will only be affected by the forthcoming general elections which bans fundraising campaigns.

What others say about Mayiga’s performance

John Mutalwa a retired employee at the ministry of  Finance

He is indeed a hero. He has proved to us that he is very daring, thanks to his legal back ground which has also helped him to know how to calculate his words and steps carefully before he makes them. During his office we have seen a lessened friction between Buganda and the central government, which has led to the return of many of our lost properties so far. Am very happy and optimistic that we are yet to see even greater achievements at this rate.

Jonh Ssekirabi veteran journalist with defunct Taifa empya, says: “Katikkiro Mayiga’s efforts are commendable and as you can see Many Baganda are happy celebrating the return of Buganda’s lost glory.

“Apart from constructing and reconstructing several units of infrastructure we are seeing now, he has managed to orchestrate the return of Buganda’s lost property. He deserves another term.”

Kyaluzzi Deborah of Najjeera 1, commissioner of children and the elderly says: “Katikkiro Peter Mayiga has come at the right time. We are now very optimistic that Buganda will indeed return to the top as part of his vision and slogan. May God grant him more health and wisdom.   

Eva Ssembajjwe Commissioner of Bulungi Bwansi and Muluka chief Kamwokya 1, says: “We are proud of the Katikkiro because he has shown us that he can tackle what others could not tackle before. We wish him even greater achievements.”



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