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‘Granie’ infects teenager with HIV


‘Granie’ infects teenager with HIV

A 17 year old girl is regretting the day she accepted to sleep with a man three times her age.

Lured into cohabitation on the promise of owning a big business, a watchman at Taibah High School along Entebbe Road, did not feel any shame courting the girl, let alone infecting her with the deadly virus.

Katwe Police arrested Matata last week and charged him with aggravated defilement.

Matata courted the girl (names withheld because she is a minor) when she visited her sister, a teacher at the same school, in November last year. She escaped from her sister’s home to start living with him.

Katwe Police Family Liaison Officer Jennifer Nnaalongo told The Sunrise: “He promised to end the poor girl’s woes and she accepted to become his wife. Little did she know she would end up contracting HIV/AIDS.”

“After the girl had cohabited with Matata for two months, she abandoned the relationship. This was after Matata had failed to come good on his promise to start a business for her,” Nnaalongo,” added.

Matata then resorted to making threatening phone calls to his victim, warning her that she would be killed in a matter of days if she did not return to him.

One Sunday Lukamba, a relative to the girl, said Matata’s luck run out when he went to Makindye, a Kampala suburb, to look for his victim.

“He came to Makindye with photos of the girl and went around asking for her whereabouts. He got to my place and lied that the girl in the photos was his cousin. When he failed to tell me her second name I slapped him hard and he told me the truth,” Lukamba said.

Lukamba took the alleged defiler to Katwe Police Station where a case was opened with reference number CRB057/14. Medical examination revealed that Matata and the girl were HIV positive.

Matata’s crime is punishable by death.



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