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Sodomy: unacceptable; Uganda disgusted


Sodomy: unacceptable; Uganda disgusted

Pastor Solomon Male has been a consistent advocate against Sodomy

Pastor Solomon Male has been a consistent advocate against Sodomy

Human Rights groups are ignoring the strong sentiments Ugandans have against sodomy – or in varnished language – homosexuality. The resentment is traditional and cultural, yet the Human Rights Watch and the Human Rights Desk at the United States embassy, have recently rooted for the “Gay Community”, who wanted to do what was to be named, a “Pride Uganda 2016 Gay March”.

The moniker for the march was misplaced. Ugandans, in totality, are not proud of sodomy; only a few misplaced and disoriented people, seeking for money and quasi recognition from global sexual misfits, have handed themselves to this abnormality.

Predictably, the authorities, in the person of the minister of state for Ethics and Integrity, Simon Lokodo, prevented this overt show of the abhorrent sexual orientation practiced by the LGBT – lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender – people here.

The march was to be preceded by a nightclub get-together the sodomists had organized to flag off the march. The Police busted the adventure, arresting 20 of the sodomists.

Lokodo was unequivocal of his denunciation of this practice and those involved. He said that Uganda would not condone the activities of the LGBT and the “criminal gay groups and will suppress them”. Urging them to “stop it”, Lokodo was mindful of his constitutional mandate that is underscored by the 2012 legal precept that prescribes life imprisonment for people caught carrying out the illegal practice.

Buoyed by the moral support they get from the Human right groups, the Sodomists hit back at Lokodo, describing nthe action by the minister as “torture” and causing the LGBT community , “trauma”. Their foremost proponent (Dr.) Frank Mugisha, slams Lokodo for not having authority for causing their banning from carrying out a public march. He avers that they will carry out the march, anyway.

Mugisha argues that it is the Police who they are going to apply to, when they carry out their march, subject to the Public Order and Management Act. The LGBT people are not mindful of the illegality of their action according to law, preferring to listen to the Human Rights advocates and their lawyers.

The persistence of the sodomists, to be allowed to publicly practice their despicable sexual irregularity, is as a result of the support by the “external authorities” and people, who are liable to see this as a means to make a quick buck from their international supporters. For one, the US embassy was quick to run to their aid, unconcerned of the cultural practices in Uganda that demonize this oddness.

For another, under the guise of “human rights”, the sodomy financiers are using money to foist this appalling idiosyncrasy upon Ugandans; and they are especially peddling their aberration among school-going students in secondary schools. This is no less that destroying Uganda’s future generations.

Undoubtedly, this sex digression is widely practiced in the West as a “lifestyle”. There are not traditional lifestyles of this nature here, from time immemorial. It were better for these human right activists to provide the Ugandan sodomists opportunities to migrate to their countries to advance this lifestyle.

If they believe the scandalous sex lifestyle is “hidden” in the Ugandan cultures, then they would witness a surge of sexual refugees wanting to go to their countries. It would be incumbent upon them and it would be their problem to ascertain as to the genuine sodomists.

They would be able to recognize the true LGBV adherents applying for visas, from those fake ones, who would want to take the chance of going to these counties to escape the dire economic conditions of poverty and unemployment here.

The supporters of these LGBV deviants should not hide behind the high moral scale of “human rights” to perpetuate their abhorrent sexual practices here. Lokodo would probabaly be the last person to prevent these people migrating to those countries where they are presently getting their covert financial support.



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