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We have no time to perform our responsibilities


We have no time to perform our responsibilities

Children are back to school

Children are back to school

At last children have returned where they belong, that’s school.  Parents are now relieved from the stress and the worries of having children at home. Today institutional families like schools have taken full control of our children because we have agreed that they spend the biggest fraction of the year at school.

They only come to pay a short visit and then return where they belong.  You and I are aware that this is inevitable bearing in mind that we are busy parents.

There is a difference between a house and a home. A house means the physical structure man and/ or woman build to provide shelter.

A home, on the other hand, is the combination of a house and the emotional atmosphere created by the presence of parents in a house.   Today more children grow up in houses instead of homes. This possibly explains the social aberrations and deviations from the norms by the modern child.

In the industrial, ultra industrial and Para- industrial communities where men and women leave home every morning to go and earn a living for their families it is not surprising that parents practically have no time for the children.

As we search heaven and earth for money to make ends meet, we find ourselves compromising on our primary role of parenting which is actually meant to be a full time job.

Experts in parenting have come to the conclusion that parenting is a full time job and a natural duty every parent is expected to perform. The fact that we have no time largely explains why we have failed to deliver on this responsibility.  This means that we have got to hire someone else to perform our roles. Of course this is done at a cost.

Parents all over the world are always ready to field the same excuse whenever they are asked questions like why they choose to abandon their parenting duties; they never hesitate to mention lack of time or being busy.

Lack of time is never a good excuse for shying away from responsibility. Actually instead of lamenting over lack of time simply create time.  That’s what great achievers do.

At the moment when people claim not to have time some creative minds are seeing an opportunity and warming up to seize it.

If you have no time to counsel and guide your children during holidays someone will organize a youth conference at SERENA and asks you to send your children for counseling and guidance, of course at a fee. He has studied your weakness as parents and he is making money as he addresses your weakness.

There are people who claim to be too busy to the level that they cannot even find time to go and do shopping. It should not even be surprising that the following day someone starts up a shopping company that does the shopping for you.

You call them home, give them the list of the items you would like to buy and send them off with the money. They do the shopping for you and carry the items to your home in their trucks at a commission.

If this is more than having no time then it is some new form of laziness. On many occasion you find a man stranded by the road side after getting a flat tyre. Despite the fact that he has a car jack, a wheel spanner and a spare tyre, the chap cannot change the tyre of his car.

He needs the services of a nearby mechanic or a motorcyclist who will charge a fee after doing the needful. Traditionally almost all men would change the tyres of their cars.

Dating sites have emerged to help people who have no time to find love. People no longer have time to waste finding lovers and future partners.

They only visit a dating site, choose a lover from the list available basing on the qualities they want and start relationships. Imagine the tension and the anxiety you are to experience when meeting your lover for the first time. I predict that in future we are likely to hire people make our wives pregnant because we have not time.



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