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Common stepping stone to power in Africa


Common stepping stone to power in Africa


Poor people are the commonest stepping stone to power in Africa

Poor people are the commonest stepping stone to power in Africa

This year is also ending. It has beenvery bad to so many people, like the other year.The desire for power, by whoever wants,has taken the country to be shackled again for more fifty-five years.  I thought people would see and talk.

People we thought were talkative have again kept quiet.Now allow us now to talk. I once thought of stopping these things of attacking the huge bellied men and ladies with huge behinds leading this country.

Editor, I think this paper cannot stop talking for the voiceless, according to what has happened this year. People Power men, know how men you once admired conquered power and how they have managed to stay in it for such an unbelievable period of time.

If you really know what you want, you,of course, know that wise men are watching you. What you are doing may never lead you into power. I am telling you! The man you want to unseat is always on ground, because he knows, thatthe power you want is handed to its seeker by the poor down there in Kyotera. Here, is an easily understood truth:

The well to do, and their families, do not vote. So many democratically elected people in this country know that today one who refuses to give to the man or woman or youth voting cannot get power. The men leading us are not so wise as you often say.

These people just know what to do. When you are in bars, meeting some of your fans, that you left in the industry, the leader of this country is there thinking of how Raila Odinga and Uhuru Kenyatta can be made to make a firm alliance. All mature people know that leadership here cannot change if Raila and Uhuru Kenyatta are not bickering.

You cannot shout just and take power. Donald Trump in America cannot help you take power. America has its own problems. Come back here and look around. You will see the man or woman down there who will accept to talk for long as you listen.

The poor in Africa are the commonest stepping stone to power. Somany people have used these people to get power. We are up. We know why we are here. So many people accepted to lay their backs there and we stepped on them to here, up the ladder of success.

Haven’t you ever heard that someone bribed voters to vote them into very juicy positions? You are in Africa.Wake up. You are still very immature, as far as politics is concerned. Accept to learn.

Stop running to theChinese or the already tired Americans, thinking that theywill perhaps,on a clean plate, hand to you want you need.The common man, if you understand him, will help you get power. Kizza Besigye, investigators, who can be trusted, have told us that you did not support the return of kingdoms in this country.

You couldn’t take power therefore.A Muganda loveshis king so much. How could he live without him, Besigye?  One can now lead this country without stopping. Can you imagine!  We must save this country or God, up in heaven, will punish us. African has become so poor to this extent because of its leaders, leaders who cling to power.


Sit down and learn, fromme, today, before you jump around withyour people power. A powerful man is that one with the ability to vote. If now the current leaders are poor, this man, with power to vote, has to change the way he behaves.

Are we bewitched, that we cannot see with our eyes, the poverty this country is in. Jump and sing people power. About ten years ago, you jumped because Kiiza Besigye looked so determined to topple the men he fought with in the bush.

It pains me a lot because in Uganda people know the truth and, always, do the wrong thing. They say Museveni has led for long.So, tell me, do you know what can be done, about it?

Poor people are the commonest stepping stone to power in Africa. If you love power more than KiizaBesigye or Raila Odinga in Kenya, don’t look far. Go near the poverty-strickenUgandan. Show that you have the capacity to make that man’s stomach full.

All long serving leaders know that an election cannot be won in towns. They go deep in very backward parts of the country and give away pieces of soap, paraffin and some little money to the person with the time to queue, until he casts a vote.

Determined people in Africa have always used the poor as a stepping stone to what they need.  Who knows poor people, and how to deal with them,as the president in this country does? No one.Step ahead.  I will advise you on how Robert Mugabe stayed in power until he turned 90 years.



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