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The only thing Museveni knows the opposition can never stop doing


The only thing Museveni knows the opposition can never stop doing

Dr. Kizza Besigye

Dr. Kizza Besigye

It was not good news at all when we heard the virus which began as a mere a epidemic in a city in China was later becoming a global pandemic. It is still with us and it has wreaked havoc across the world. Covid-19 is indeed a wrecker.

See what it is doing in the countries we bowed down to in fear and respect . Millions today are bedridden while hundreds of thousands have died in those countries, from this same Covid-19.

We felt bad, we political writers especially. We had already researched widely and had gathered enough evidence to cling on, to elevate or floor some politicians in this country.

In March when the country was locked down, the noise from opposition politicians had almost started becoming defeaning.

Let’s all pray to God in heaven. Me personally I would love to see every politician vying for any seat going back to the people he needs to represent to ask for votes from them, face to face.

I was following every vocal politician in this country in January and February and during all this time since 18th, March.

When Museveni came to talk to the nation during his coronavirus addresses updating the nation about the outbreak in the country, and he announced that we had to remain in our homes for more days, every one in the opposition including Bobi wine and my good friend Joseph Kabuleta would immediately come out to inform their loyal followers that Museveni wanted to postpone elections and that it is the reason he was adding all the fuel he could in the flames ignited by Coronavirus.

Something is known that can be done to unseat the incumbent.

As Rogers Mulindwa once stated while talking to local media recently, the opposition in Uganda is so disorganized. Look, it would be war now if the Electoral Commission ordered for the postponement of elections in Uganda here.

I know Uganda, for I was born and raised here. It is still very easy for Museveni to rule this poverty stricken country until he gets completely aged. Who is here to growl and intimidate the rulers here?

Bobi wine is obviously a very young boy in politics. Besigye is a liar who lied to Ugandans for 20 tears. I know Besigye does not know all that can be done to unseat the longest serving ruler in Uganda’s history. Cooperate with him at your own risk!

Joseph Kabuleta is a barking dog like the majority of Ugandans there are. He read the bible and knew how king David and Solomon and others ruled. These things of the 21st century are quite different from those those before Christ days Sir.

Joseph Kabuleta will change me if he writes informing me that Magogo and the spokesperson at FUFA can be dishonest. I will listen.
Kabuleta talks and writes but so many more things are often done to shake an oak tree properly, so that it may fall. Harsh prayers, intended to make someone uncomfortable in power, must also be prayed.

Museveni has been in position to study the opposition in Uganda comfortably for more than 30 years now, uninterrupted.

He was in DP before he grew wings to fly to look for his own prey. DP is among the parties in Uganda that I know will knew change
Norbert Mao recently wasted Journalists’ time by making them sit for hours and later telling them that his party DP was not even ready to identify flag bearers.

This is the same party that my late father warned my elder brothers and sisters against ever joining. It is a shame if our only hope today is Bobi wine.

We have been independent for almost 60years. The so called intellectuals in the country are already very many, ladies and gentlemen.

Place a microphone somewhere and invite people to air their views. In what they say, you will feel some sense. All those people can do nothing except talking.

As we today talk almost all economies including our own are on their knees and Covid-19 is still here with us. It is unfortunate. The pandemic has no cure but this is a country. It must move on. We must vote!

Of course no sane incumbent could postpone elections. If anyone in the opposition thought that it could possible, then he or she is not supposed to talk when the rest are listening.

If you thought that way, you sleep a lot and have spared no time to read. The book shelf in your house which has no well-thumbed country’s constitution should be pulled down immediately. It is useless.

Exclude elections from the current country’s menu, you will never avoid political turmoil in mid 2021. I hope they are listening.

Museveni knows you will talk and attack him when he erects a skyscraper in Rwakitura, build a road through a swamp or allows an investor to practice commercial farming in Lwera.You will criticise everything Museveni does, whether it is good or bad!

When your enemy or competitor gets to know what makes you annoyed or happy, he will have to step back a bit to study you, to know more, so that he may defeat you more and more. Museveni knows exactly what can be done by his enemies. You lose always, when you are in such an opposition!



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