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Campaign talk of coups, burnings, hangings


Campaign talk of coups, burnings, hangings

NRM historical Kahinda Otafiire

NRM historical Kahinda Otafiire

From the Outside Looking In

Nearly two months ago in this column, the word of God was addressed to both prophets concerning the future 2535 years, hence.

In that column I quoted the Jerusalem Bible Hag. 2: 6-7, as saying: “A little while now and I am going to shake the heavens and the earth, the sea and the dry land.” Since then, the world has witnessed various “natural” cataclysms; the latest continuations of which are the present, “worst in a century” Indian floods in Tamil Nadu, and those in Scotland.

In reference to December 9, in Hag. 2: 22, the word of God was thus: “I will overturn the thrones of kingdoms and destroy the power of kings of the nations. I will overthrow the chariots and their charioteers, horses and their riders will be brought down; they shall fall each to the sword of his fellow.”

In Zechariah10:11, Syria, was specifically named in the “overturning the thrones”, and one can note the on-coming “destruction of the power of the kings” in so far as Syria’s Bashar al Assad is concerned; and the upheaval taking place in Yemen. Other countries in the Middle East and Europe are facing the chill and this can be taken as indicative of the impending fulfillment of those prophecies.

Other parts of the world, too, are coming under this Biblical radar. Uganda’s coming general election has all the signs of such discharge.

Warning signs are all over the place in the utterances of the presidential aspirants. On a couple of campaign occasions, President Yoweri Museveni, has voiced concern of a possible coup. He has warned Amama Mbabazi of being hanged if he (Mbabazi) divulges “State secrets”; and that he (Museveni) will not allow Mbabazi to burn down Kampala; that there is a plot to assassinate Kizza Besigye, etc.

This maybe scare-mongering, but it is also ill-omened. It all starts from the implosion in the NRM; and for this, again the Bible is instructive.

Both the gospels of Matthew and Mark point to what has taken place in the party (Mark 3: 24-25 and Matthew 12: 25). The latter is very touching: “Every kingdom divided against itself is heading for ruin, and no… household divided against itself can stand.” Here, Jesus was referring to the influence of Satan.

The fallout from the NRM primaries is interesting; it has pitted even “bush war” comrades, and some of the lesser come-lately acolytes, against themselves. Talk of the Kahinda Otafiires, Henry Kajuras, Singh Katongoles, Idah Nantabas, etc, and one gets the clear picture. What about the rumblings that have not come to public attention?

These are inopportune times. The talk in the allusion of burning down Kampala has a precedent. In 1979 when Dictator President Idi Amin was running away, and while he was in Dakabela, Radio Uganda booster station, he announced that he had contacted the Russians to come and “spray” Kampala with petrol and burn it down to enable his return to the capital. By then, he was on his way to Tripoli in Libya.

A recurring topic in the election, and in what has pervaded the NRM regime and become a signature of its rule, is the widespread corruption. At the end of his revival conference at the Luzira Victory Church of Christ congregation, Canadian Evangelist, Dr. Charles Kasumba, elicited a testimony from a parishioner who said that she had “seen” a vision of a scroll waved over the [country]. This took my mind to the word of God in Zechariah 5 about a “flying scroll”.

Zech. 5: 3-4 says: “Then, he [the angel] told me: this scroll puts a curse on everyone in the land who steals or tells lies.

The writing on one side tells about the destruction of those who steal, while the writing on the other side tells about the destruction of those who lie. The LORD All-Powerful has said: ‘I am sending this scroll into the house of everyone who is a robber or tells lies in my name, and it will remain there until every piece of wood and stone in that house crumbles’.”

Again, this made me reflect on what Nantaba had said after her Kayunga nomination. Mark you; she is [Cabinet] Minister of State for Lands in the NRM regime; and she castigated her colleagues for being “land-grabbers, thieves and mafia”. What more can this not be a house “divided” within itself? And talk of coups; what could be more graphic than, “they shall fall each to the sword of his fellows?”



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