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Re-instating Anti Homosexual Bill

Ikebesi Omoding

Re-instating Anti Homosexual Bill

Had it not been the case, Uganda would have suffered the same fate as Sudan and Zimbabwe

The Constitutional Court has thrown the Anti Homosexuality Law into a tail-spin by ordering it thrown out of the law books. Its ruling was that it had been passed by Parliament last December without a quorum. Obviously, last February, lies. The issue is that of the donor money that is surreptitiously tagged to the scurrilous behavior of traducing the god-given processes of procreation.

In fact when Museveni assented to the Bill, the donors immediately went on the offensive, implementing the threat that, should the government institute the law, they would withdraw their money. Most Ugandans would rather do without the money, than have their cultural values turned upside down, in its stead.

Indeed, one Pentecostal pastor, who has been at the forefront of having the Anti-Homosexual Law passed, says: “No civilization has survived the destructive corruption of homosexuality. The Greek and the Roman civilizations all crumbled under the weight of its sins due to the evil of homosexuality. When people begin to parade homosexuality shamelessly, it is a sign that their destruction is very near. Uganda, and the rest of Africa, should not take this direction!”

But apparently this is the direction the “honourable” judges would like the country to take. It would appear to pit the Legislature against the Courts and putting the Executive in a dithering role. Or is it?

There are suggestions that the NRM regime is playing both sides against the middle, but in the end, have the conclusion that the judges have arrives at. That may not be far-fetched seeing that, now there is a move to have the NRM Caucus meets to chart the way forward that the issues of the law should take.

The calculation, here, then would have gone according to plan: that the Barack Obama Administration would cue in a strong opposition to it with the threat of economic sanctions against Uganda. Additionally, the Scandinavian donors would be roped in agitating with the threat and promise to tighten their lucrative purse strings. All this happened, though there are some indications that some of these donors are already backtracking.

And it has happened that the recent US-Africa summit was just around the corner. Then the judges threw out the law from it books, making it possible for the Obama Adminstration to invite Museveni at the “last minute” for the conference. Had it not been the case, Uganda would have suffered the same fate as Sudan and Zimbabwe, two of the African countries that were deliberately omitted from attending the summit.

If that were the case, then the ruse has worked: all the power players were “up in arms”: the fundamentalist right, the UG government and the donors. Meanwhile, the NRM regime played twiddling its thumbs and appearing confused over it all. Even while Museveni was assenting to the Bill, his sidekicks, like Fox Odoi, were gearing to take the matter to the Constitutional Court. And lo! The court has agreed with them.

The civil society is also going on the moral offensive to drum up the case for our moral values. What is more, the Bible and its spiritual, and indeed physical, teaching is with the African traditional values. It is arguable then that the famed Garden of Eden was actually based here in Uganda some point on the Nile River. That being the case there is no way the God would have gone back on his word on Eve, the woman, being the helpmate of Adam, the man. As it is God never intended there would be an Adam and a “Steve” on the same bed.  The judges should have cued in on this while making their judgment.



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