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Make use of post-mortem


Make use of post-mortem

Many deaths in Uganda are attributed to witchcraft

Many deaths in Uganda are attributed to witchcraft

I was in a Saloon recently when I listened in to a ridiculous conversation of witchcraft by hair dressers. It happens that they had a friend, ampoule fellow hair dresser who died of a mysterious death. She suffered from her ailment for only two days before she died. No one seemed to know what she was suffering from. Her signs were of a throbbing headache and swollen legs. It seemed like they did not take her to hospital before she died.

But because the deceased was a renowned hair dresser highly successful with her business, it was concluded by her family and friends that she had been bewitched.

If there is one fatal problem we have in our society, it is ignorance and fear of the unknown. I don’t know much about witchcraft but whenever someone dies mysteriously, it is blamed on witchcraft. And if the deceased was a successful person then it becomes a valid reason for his/her death which normally is not the case.

Looking at the world of health, there are many diseases, disorders and health conditions that can cause death and yet the community is not aware of them. These can only be discovered by health specialist when a post-mortem is performed.

As defined by experts, a post-mortem is an examination of a dead body to determine the cause of death. This examination is normally performed by medical specialists called pathologists who went through the laboratory study of disease and disease tissue.

According to the information from Royal College of Pathologists, an institute in London that trains pathologists, when a post-mortem is being done, a long incision (cut) is made down the front of the body to enable the internal organs to be removed and examined.

A single incision across the back of the head allows the top of the skull to be removed so that the brain can be examined.

These organs are examined carefully with naked eye and dissected to look for any abnormalities such as blood clots or tumors that might have caused the death. If further information is required, small pieces of tissues may be retained for examination under the microscope or samples of body fluids taken for analysis in the laboratory.

After being examined, the organs are returned to the body and a report is released with a detailed informed of what may have caused the death of your beloved one.

So before you going around accusing people of killing your beloved ones and blaming witchcraft for every mysterious death, first make use of a post-mortem. Just in case, a post-mortem reveals nothing, may be then you can start thinking of witchcraft for those who are well acquainted with it.

Otherwise, stop accusing innocent people of witchcraft just because you lost a loved one to a mysterious death.





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