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Sister to lesbian nurse attacked by angry mob

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Sister to lesbian nurse attacked by angry mob

Margret Asiimwe, a sister to Kabagenyi was two weeks ago beaten and brutalized by an angry mob of Katabi. Asiimwe who had gone to her sister’s place to have access to some of the property in the house was given no chance to do anything.

It should be noted that two years ago, Kabagenyi, a nurse at Entebbe hospital was beaten by a group of angry people after they found out that she was enrolling and engaging the youth in Entebbe in Gay activities.

According to the source who preferred anonymity, Kabagenyi worked with an unknown group of people who facilitated all her moves to lure the youth to register many members and it is said that she enrolled them in the LGBTQ programmes and also supplied them with condoms.

Her cover was blown by one of the parents who followed her daughter and prompted the mob to attack the group who were already in a session of homosexuality being headed by this Nurse.

Police came and rescued Kabagenyi who was badly beaten, dispersed the mob and took her to the police cells where she spent days under investigation. Our source said that it has been two years since the Nurse fled the country and her where abouts have never been known.

Kabagenyi’s house has been un occupied since she left until her sister Asiimwe came to open it on February 3rd but was seen by whistle blowers. She was intercepted by the still angry mob who demanded her sister’s whereabouts.

Her sister who could not mention a word particularly about her sister was beaten because she did not tell them where her sister was. As if that was not enough, her house was set on fire and the police who came to disperse the mob, saved Asiimwe but all the property was lost.



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