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Where are you at 33?


Where are you at 33?

Dr. Kizza Besigye’s Star Power has failed to shine in the presence of Bobi Wine

I will never mind. I will just go back. Look at what has made you quarrel. After seeing that you are perhaps quarrelsome just, I will keep quiet and will continue jotting down what I think is necessary for serious, patriotic Ugandans to see.

I can honey my words but not here Sunrise reader. A lazy politician with stomach ulcers and high blood pressure is advised to refuse to listen to patriotic writers.  He will die.

This truth, I am about to say, is very bitter. How will a man in his country learn and lead by example if he refuses learned men to talk. I would be in a notorious jail today because I have ever stung men and women that this country fears.

They left me freely talking. I then knew that God had, really, endorsed them to be our leaders after the decades of the tears we had cried under Obote and Amin. I am very okay and I am talking. I can do anything with the peace and the money I have. NRM has been in power for thirty three years. You and your vote are the power.

Tell me gentleman. If you see a Mandela in Robert Kyagulanyi, then, this world is going to disturb your children very much and they may not overcome it. I could not tame a university student using a gun had I surrounded myself with understanding advisors for years.  Actually me I couldn’t.

You are approaching fifty but you think a song, hacking an experience leader, can leave him sleeping if he hears it.  He will wake up and, because he has all the tactics to use, he will deal with you. Kiiza Besigye today just shouts to show he is there.

That man, Besigye, will never be president in this country. Because we copy a lot, what failed Besigye is what people power is about to start doing. Bobi Wine was a millionaire at twenty five years. I had just started writing sense and I was very poor then. But I knew politics. Ignore what I said the other week at your own risk. I stay awake. You are the reason. Please, listen.

Stop talking just to annoy the president, at your age. You are not the first person to do it. Your words and your song will be heard and desperate youths will listen to it a million times but the struggle will remain incomplete.

Completing the struggle is doing the other think that you have ignored. Listen. The voter I know refused to give a sympathy vote that most opposition politicians, who yearn to unseat incumbents, want, to Dr. Kiiza Besigye.

We look for money a lot and fail to think a lot. Can we say Chameleone or Bebe Cool fans will never vote for Bobi Wine because he once quarreled with their man or men? We have quarreled among ourselves for thirty three years, non-stop.

We are a divided nation, as I talk. After three decades, we think we should not pay taxes. Thirty three years, a military gentleman still beats a university intelligent young student saying he is disciplining him.

The canes you thump a university student only make him more defiant. A lot of you men and women joined politics when at universities. Why don’t you respect those boys and girls rioting every year at our poorly managed universities?

I was there and I only received abuses from the people you sat in Makerere offices instead of the help I always desperately wanted. I can riot if you took me back to any public university in Uganda here.

Seeing the same leader for more than thirty years, our thinking must be quite better than what I see today. Your refusal to talk to Makerere University students amicably will not silence them.

NRM has led Uganda to the light or the darkness we are in today but the opposition too, after thirty three years, has never groomed a man or woman whom we say is today ready to uproot president Museveni. Even in 2016 Bobi Wine had never known that he could be president in Uganda here.

Now, who is that man or woman that the enemies of this ageing man Museveni are about to show to us, because they have been preparing him, to send Museveni and movement home? ‘Uganda and Other Third World Countries’ will be a topic of another day.

I will remain out of your things, until you show me that your brains have never rested since Mr. Museveni came to power, thirty three ago.

Who is yours? Kiiza Besigye, driven by anger, defected from the ruling party and stood for presidency in 2001. He can easily go back to where he was. Bobi Wine survived in Arua the other day.

This young man might be contesting and singing sour songs because he needs to revenge. He was beaten in a cell. He must be counseled, so that he begins to attack his enemies intelligently and maturely.




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