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Why you should leave that place


Why you should leave that place

A Teacher in class teaching

Thank you very much, if you can keep a journalist or a teacher for more than five years. These two people have completely failed to know what it takes for a man or woman to begin gathering serious money, from those two rich professions.

A journalist with no vision will write things which he himself cannot buy if told. A wise one is careful when writing. Readers, too, love him and, therefore, line up to buy the saleable essays he whole-heartedly writes.

All journalists who built mansions from journalism didn’t work for many newspapers. They just discovered what they wanted and they looked for that only.  They got the money and the fame you are, ignorantly, looking for simply because they did not look for what you today look for only.

John Ituma, a teacher of English, was not spotted by newspapers so that he can set questions for others to answer and pass PLE because he was the best paid teacher at Green Hill Academy. He had been there for years.

Every year his children were passing English. It was his brain that he was using. He used it without complaining of less pay or no pay at all. The world saw him and so sought his services.  We don’t fear the car Ituma drives. We fear and respect him because of his brain that he refuses to rest.

John Ituma has brought happiness to the souls of hundreds of teachers and their children. Hundreds of English teachers will never be like this man Ituma. Teachers every year write heaps, and heaps, of applications in order to join employers whom they think will pay them well.   They are employed and are paid well.

Bankers are today looking for well paid men and women in classrooms. They were loaned money. Not only will the banker recover his money. He will incarcerate them too. Your problem, Mr. Teacher, is neither money nor this Museveni, who has wisely and tactically handled your brain for more than three full decades.

It was patience and that concentration Ituma involved himself in also, while the rest of the teachers around him were laughing that made Ituma. Not the money you greedily seek. The children you educate fail every year. What a shame there is!



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