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Thank you Bobi Wine


Thank you Bobi Wine

Politician Bobi Wine Alias Kyagulanyi Ssentamu who was allegedly spied by Ugandan Government using Huawei Technicians

Sit here with us. There is no way then voters will continue comparing you with politicians who just look for votes instead of also thinking of what they can do for their voters. People with power are about to commence seeing something special in you. You will be elevated.

We have really misunderstood people who went and fought for the peace and the freedom available today in this country. Even respected people in the country think one can be killed if he speaks the truth, intending to help Uganda. It is not true.

Ntege Sebagala wouldn’t be alive today. Besigye would be dead already. A lot of people have spoken trying to correct Museveni since he came to power more than thirty years ago. They got away with it. Your master is your head. Look and see if that thing, your head, is leading you to the very place you desired to be.

People should die. God said. You will die one day even if you continue ignoring and hating your country.  You are very silent. A person who risked and fought and toppled a dictator cannot kill you because what you say develops the country that he loved so much to the extent of shedding his own blood in order to see it saved from the hands of brutal men more than thirty years ago.

You danced with Kiiza Besigye for more than ten years. There are hospitals, schools and markets which are today standing in Kampala and other districts because Kiiza Besigye quarreled with officials in this government.

I am sorry if I once said Kiiza Besigye cannot work with Bobi Wine. Seriously Kiiza Besigye wants to see Mr. Museveni going away. I don’t know why Besigye hates Museveni so much but, really, he seriously does. He is not pretending.

Besigye will completely support and, whole-heartedly, stand behind anyone who comes saying he can uproot the president of this country. They know why they are fighting but because they fight endless battles, this country has seen things which wouldn’t have come if Besigye didn’t disagree with Yoweri Museveni two decades ago. You are on earth temporarily.

You cannot live forever. Do something. Who knew what Med Kaggwa was planning to do for Uganda? Med Kaggwa’s good thoughts died with him the other day. You are not God to tell the day you will die. You will one day die. Uganda is owned by more than thirty million people. Out of the several million, Bobi Wine is here too trying to communicate something to us.

We should listen to him. Some people have failed to get the meaning in the words People Power. People Power simply means this country is yours. People Power young men and women are trying to tell you that you, as a Ugandan, you can decide and medicine is put in that hospital that your money built. Because you are the power, you can say no one should say he owns your country alone.

You are free to complain if the road in your constituency remains impassable yet you also sweated in the queue and you voted leaders, to represent you. People Power should mean all Ugandans are equal and that it is not a privilege to you, a Ugandan citizen, if a leader sends your children to a primary or secondary school and he pays school fees for them.

He too should feel happy if he sends a future leader to school to acquire knowledge. Knowledge is power. You are so powerful that you can even stop the current president from ruling your country for the years some people want. You are the voter. You can bring in anybody you need. You can send anyone from power to his rural home because you want.

You are the power. This is what Bobi Wine is trying to communicate to you, that you are the power. He is telling you that you are the employer of your president and your representative in parliament. You are the boss. It is very true.

You are the boss. You can fire. You can employ whoever you wish. Bobi Wine is going to tell us that since this country is for us all, it is our right to demand for good roads. He will show us that keeping quiet when you are not contented is a crime.

You are going to ask government officials where your money goes after Bobi Wine has talked. You are going to see that you too can do something for your country. You have the power to think and create something as he, Bobi Wine, created good songs and made himself a millionaire while still a very young man.

You are keeping quiet but it makes me laugh, because you are more intelligent than the two men, Kiiza Besigye and Bobi Wine that I am mentioning above. You just fear.

Bobi Wine’s pressure on your current rulers will translate into health centres, good roads, dependable dams, feared schools and modern markets. Thank you.  I like what I quoted in your song. Thank you, Bobi Wine.




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