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Role of words in the struggle


Role of words in the struggle

Bobi wine and his wife Barbie Kyagulanyi

Because this world is full of distractions, many of you perhaps, forget about the information we put across, cautioning you against thinking that politicians are 100 percent responsible for what you are currently going through.

My struggle is to write and open people’s eyes. Yours too is to get there.

It has been because of failing again and again that I finally discovered some secrets that a lot of well-to-do people will never let you know. If you are going to succeed, you must close your eyes against what people say.

The poor in society are regarded as stupid and useless. You can get anywhere you want, up there, if you really possess the burning desire, to get there.

We expected a lot to happen in the year 2020. To reward us, because our inability to appreciate, God sent us a pandemic-coronavirus. This is, even today, still wreaking havoc in this world. I have seen a lot in this world. I am tested.

The rich today were once poor. The rich today will one day lag behind if the poverty-stricken today are willing to work hard. You too can. Be persistent and keep working.

Early last year I wrote and told people that it would not surprise me if Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu did not succeed the first time he tried. I was attacked.
I am here to say the truth.

Train your heart not to fear. You will then be capable, of leading, even, capable men and women for decades. It is more than three decades for Museveni. His business is to lead. What is yours? Mind your business!

Without struggle, success is impossible. We would like to inform you that Besigye got fed up of elective politics because he became afraid that people would misunderstand him if he continued contesting, and losing.

Besigye, Bobi Wine and the entire opposition in Uganda should know the man in the top seat has been near, and in power, for almost fifty years, in this country.

You cannot please all people. Museveni knows. Love your job, and work!
There is a reason the people from Buganda overwhelmingly voted for Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu while those in the western region too voted for their own, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni. This world is still around. It will neither end with us people in it today nor with those coming, after we have gone. Think.

Very many writers and journalists admire my scribbling style. They see me moving up and down on a daily basis and, according to them, I have no time to sit and research, and write. I work. I hustle.

I suffered. I once knelt before successful writers. They did not listen to me. They instead told me to try, as much as I could, to succeed in the sports field. I had studied sports at the university. They said. I am an inspirational writer today. Keep going.

Bobi Wine, if he truly knows why he wants to be Uganda’s next president, will definitely be, one day. Besigye gave up. He blundered.

I resurrected after realising that people are here to say. I was once dead. You are going to succeed, despite the fact the world describes you as one the laziest people there.

The other struggle to dethrone Museveni is a struggle that you would help succeed you turned up on 14 January to vote for change. It is good news if you really went to the polling station to vote.

Very many respected people in Uganda don’t vote. It is a fact known by all intellectuals in the country.
This struggle to oust Museveni is, mainly, supported by a section of frustrated youth, men and women who think their poverty and suffering are a result of poor leadership provided by Museveni. The rich know something. They will never say it to you. You throng polling stations. They never do.

The Bagendas of this world are what they are because they know a political head may do nothing to stop them from succeeding. To fail me, I must permit you first.

There is a struggle you have ignored. Yes, Museveni will go but, do something now so that the coming leader may find you, on your way to success.

I know Robert Kyagulanyi too will never tolerate my wisely constructed sentences even for one day, if he is elected president. I rarely trust leaders in Africa.

When power goes to your head, your contract myopia and, then, you cannot hear or see advice. You become like the one you toppled, in the process.

With words, we govern men. Your business is to succeed. People will say. Never mind. A journalist’s other known job is to oust, from power, men and women he thinks are no longer capable. His sword is the pen.



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