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The patience that paid


The patience that paid

Know but refuse to tell the world

Success comes from patience

2021 is already underway and, I know, you are among the disappointed people in the country. On 14 January, you made long queues, to vote and change leadership after more than 30 years of waiting.

God knows why, despite all your efforts, president Museveni is still the man leading this country. No situation lasts forever. The poor become rich. The rich slip sometimes, and become poor.
If you are still up moving forward, you cannot forever be in that state. Life will change.

You will succeed. In my study room here looking at the wall clock, I see it is 5: 00 am. I have vividly remembered the days I remained awake in trying to figure out the best style of writing I could adopt, to lead as others followed.

This world in which you live is comprised of very many extremely successful people. Unfortunately most of these people surround themselves with a fence called silence.

The rich never brag. The successful never seek camera men or story tellers to publicise their achievement. The most famous moneyed man in Uganda, to shock you, is not the richest in the country.

I served while not paid for almost a decade. You never thought about it yet, perhaps, you were among the herd of men and women who followed my magnificently written lines.

We began with only brains, and looked far. I worked while the world, praising me today, laughed. Time I knew would come when my written lines would one day be translated into money.

We see success and kneel before those who attain it but we end at that. We never look further that, to really research and know how the people we admire got there.

There is no easy road to success. You are going to sweat. You are going to suffer before getting there. You are going to be ridiculed and mocked by your own people there.

In the road to greatness, my relatives discouraged me more than the people I found in the other world where even rifles are used, to scare those heading to the promised land.

The life you admire is there. Very many huge offices are in Kampala here. Some of the people sitting in them are incompetent. They are among the shallowest people in the country.

However, they are there and for you to uproot them from those offices, it will be a struggle. You can’t if among your tools is impatience.

In the recently concluded parliamentary elections, I saw famous politicians being trounced by newcomers in politics. I once tried to seek help and guidance from the so called ministers that were recently beaten by political amateurs. They did not listen to me.

Thin and poor as I looked, I got the audacity to tell those former ministers that the words I spoke and wrote would change the lives of many a people in the country that were deep in poverty.

They did not listen to me. They were rich then, with authority. Anyone can fall from grace to grass. This country is big.

This country can belong to anyone who crawls out of his comfort zone to claim his place at the high table where a handful of men and women sit and prevent others from going there.

More than ten former ministers in Uganda are about to become common men and women as you are today. Time will come. You too will access the huge table. They will be followers. When with authority, never misbehave.

When I was extremely poor, one of the prayers I prayed to God, was to help me discover the difference between money and success.

You must know what it means when your parents know that they took you to school to secure their future. You will soon know what it means to graduate from the best university in the country and you end up poor as a church mouse for more than ten years, after graduating.

Good things rarely come easily. All politicians in this country should know. Museveni suffered and sweated until he made politics a cash crop in the country.

He knows that the struggle, to remove him from power, ends the moment those in need of eating are re-elected to parliament. Wise men think.

Museveni has led this country for 35 years because he thinks. He fore goes very many good things, including sipping liquor.

Writing like an angel, and to this extent of being sought by those connected with huge authority, has been a result of a lot of hard work and accepting to suffer that I would win medals when the right time came.

You may never believe this but, this writer spent more than ten years waking up during small hours to look for those things that he today almost very easily do.

I write an article and it sales like a hot cake after sitting down for less than an hour to create it.

I began while a young boy. I was semi-illiterate. I was surrounded by extremely negative people. No body could believe it when I told them that newspapers would one day begin to seek for me, to sit down with me, to negotiate with me, asking me to pay me so that I can write to inspire their readers. There is nothing impossible. Be patient.



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