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How I created my path to success


How I created my path to success

Breaking chains

2020 was a year dominated by noise making. Some candidates, who will get completely silent after being sworn-in, came to where you reside and informed you that the only log put in your way to success is the leader above, who stopped caring more than a decade ago.

After fighting with this cold-blooded world for years and finally sitting at the table a lot of miles from the common ones, I now, on a daily basis, meet people who attended important institutions of learning in the United States and here in Uganda.

These are the people in the offices that you may never enter. You lack confidence. It is very unfortunate that majority of these young men and women thinking for a poor country like this one know very little about how people make it to such revered positions before being pulled to them, by either their parents or connected people.

We are led by people who are unaware that a man with five children and a wife at home can pace up and down in an urban area like Kampala the entire day and fails to get even a coin less than 500 shillings.

It takes a lot of persistence and hardwork to crawl to where the feared men and women congregate to think, to rule the world that is, deliberately, kept in ignorance.

Before you win, you should get eyes that see things differently. No one will pave the way, for you to get there. Create your path and your own opportunities. This is Uganda, where an MP knows that going to parliament is getting gainful employment.

Who will care then? I didn’t learn to write the first years I tried. Even when I began to see the ability in me to write, I didn’t write the saleable articles that I today scribble after sitting for less than an hour.

Education is a key to success. I had gone to school but immediately I began the task of wanting to write to inspire big audiences as they listened, I realised that I had to view myself as someone who never stepped a single foot in school.

I became so humble that one would think I was among the most shallow and dense people on earth.

I wanted this world to sympathise with me while at the same time helping me as I formed my way to the rare style of forming saleable sentences.

Humility is a weapon that its possessors use to overcome the ruthless world.
It is a well-known fact in this world that no one in a developing country, elected into power, will willingly work for his or her people to get them out of where they are. No body cares. It is your poverty!

It will shock you to discover that the ministers of today, in Museveni’s government, were once very poor and nothing. At your age, you are quite better off than some of the respected people in Uganda were, less than 30 years ago. Believe. You too will.

I was semi-illiterate in the beginning. I am today a writer of beautifully decorated sentences, to inspire the desperate and the frustrated. This is success.There is nothing impossible.

The only blunder Bobi Wine made was to surround himself with people who truly believe there are some things that are not possible.

I saw it right in the beginning that my friends were people who were thoroughly battered by this unkind world. These people were negative. They all thought we were born to suffer forever. They thought one who succeeded was born chosen by the almighty.

There are no free chances and to see the real way to take, one has to develop his own capacity to dig roads were ‘success roads construction’ is prohibited. You will one day see these lines we write on every platform that people seek to get peace and happiness. I started with nothing.

There was no visible way to the bigger things I wanted. Our leaders are busy people. They will ask you to vote for them but they will avoid you as much as they can if they finally make it to top, of the ladder of success, where it is sparsely populated.

You must work as this world, battered by Covid-19 parties. As others sip liquor, you must be sober. You will sit while praying and fasting but these things will never work unless you go out
nd look for what you really want. The world said I couldn’t.

By refusing to give up amidst opposition, I was finding a path to writing in a rare manner. I paved my way to success.

I was poor and extremely unimportant. By writing about money and success, I was busy constructing a, huge, superhighway to the table that only the rich and successful access.

They will never know you and your ability unless you grow confident, and inform them.

There is a struggle that you are in that nobody including your area MP will never know about. Without effort, nothing will happen. A lone and deserted by all, keep fighting on. Endure. You will one day get there.



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