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John Lewis

Be perplexed but keep the resentment to yourselves. These people kept together for some time and what I saw was a strong bond between them. Lewis and his wife loved each other very much and the children loved them dearly. They supported each other very much and I could see the alliance in them when it came to activity. The only difference was their social life.

Who was John? He was 28 years; very handsome, he got four other girlfriends. He separated with them and got Kitty. Kitty was very romantic and a bit faithful but she never got sexually satisfied when ever with Lewis. He thought he loved her and the sex but she was extremely dry which killed his libido. He stayed with her in a relationship of convenience for some time. He committed to her for three years and he discovered that Kitty was not a woman. She was a transvestite. She was a man who through surgery was turned into a woman. Her core voice and strong fingers hand compromised her beautiful looks to him but John did not take it to be a serious issue. Kitty’s surgical doctor had been successful with her especially molding his private parts and breasts like those of a woman.

John had never had sex so dry with a woman like Kitty. She kept close to her doctor and assured him that she would get better. John was patient till his patience landed him into unforgettable secrets of his love.  He found Kitty’s photo album. It had enough photos of him from childhood to his current transformation. It shocked him. he had enough pictures he took before and after the surgery. John confronted her and he expected her to at least say that that was not her but some one she resembled probably a twin. Kitty admitted the surgery. John couldn’t stand it as he ended the affair.

He dated another girl called Merab and discovered that she was a porn star. She was a bisexual but that was very ordinary as he would screw her anywhere she asked him to. She was very accustomed at screwing her in the ass and he thought it was her favorite sex style. Once again he was alerted by a friend about her. This time he became curious because her sexual antics were raising suspicion. He set up a police officer to follow her up. The police called him when she was seen entering a hotel with three men. He went there with him and the police officer introduced himself to the receptionist and asked for the clients who had just entered the hotel. The receptionist told them the room number.

The room was unlocked when they opened to step in. it was no secret Merab was taking on two men at ago while the third one was recording them on video. The man had a license for his business that he couldn’t be arrested but at least John got to know the type of work his girlfriend did. He never trusted women again. However she had taught him to screw in the ass. He converted into a homosexual.

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