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Does wearing specs win you love?

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Does wearing specs win you love?

Specs are basically meant to correct your vision so that you can see clearly, though, some fear that wearing glasses too often will weaken their eyesight, and that they will increasingly rely on them more often than when first worn. This has not been scientifically proven.

There’s no persuasive evidence that wearing reading glasses affects your eyesight. Why then do so many people become convinced, anecdotally, that glasses have made their eyesight worse? People may gradually find themselves more and more dependent on their specs, but it’s because their lenses have continued to deteriorate with age. So people find themselves needing their glasses more often, leading them to conclude that the glasses must have made their sight worse, where in fact, there’s no causal relationship

Have you dated someone with specs? There is something you need to know about dating and glasses.  First of all, glasses can say a lot about someone’s personality.  Sometimes you can judge a person on the frames. Did you know that thick, black lenses are for a hipster, small wire frames for a sweetly nerdy and colored plastic lenses for creative people?

When you have sex with someone who wears specs, you don’t have to feel self-conscious about your body because they probably can’t see too well without their glasses. There is something charmingly, unwittingly sexy about someone who takes off their glasses and rubs the bridge of their nose, while thinking. Most people would love that.

If you are a man try fashionable glasses today; they make you appear sensitive and attractive.  It is proven facts that women think men who wear glasses are likely to be more intelligent and more sensitive.  If a woman is looking to settle down she will veer toward the sensitive types who look like they might want a long term partner.



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