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Aunt Josephine is a wolf in sheep’s skin

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Aunt Josephine is a wolf in sheep’s skin

How’re you friends? Well I don’t know how well you’re enjoying my escapades. My trip to German exposed me to new discoveries and as I grew older, he came from a well to-do family. Aunt Josephine hooked him as a trap to get into his family wealth just like my stepmother laid hers well and got my dad committed. The disadvantage was that aunt Josephine lost and she decided to revenge by not giving her daughter to my fathersd friend.

After Aunt Robinah leaving home, Aunt Josephine turned to my mom for selfish sexual behavior. She knew enough of her infidelities to my dad and she was very sure that my mom had lost her womb due to an abortion of a child who was not my fathers. My mother was always in constant fear of Josephine and her recuperation became a nightmare.

‘I know you’re not insane Deborah.’. ‘You’re just confused because of your mistakes. But don’t worry. I control my brother. He will not be mad at you if you do what I want.’  She intimidated and warned her.

I didn’t know the true colors of my father’s sister but I discovered a lot about her.

She recorded her sexual encounters with my mom each time she visited her room disguising that she was tsking her medicine. She intimidated her and used her. By the time I returned home from German, my mother was ashadow of her former self, she had become so sensitive and hateful.

Aunt Josephine told me that my mother was becoming wiser. I didn’t know what she meant then, but I later learnt that she had taught her to live like a modern day lesbian.

Mu stupid aunt put her bogus tapes into beautiful jackets. I picked one from her room in her absence to play it and return it  before she returned. I couldn’t believe my ears. These were cassette tapes in which my mother’s voice was if yearning and pleading for help. I listened to them and almost cried, they were so ghastly and disgusting.

I went back to her room to check for other vices she imported into our house.



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