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Inspiration: ‘The key is in your hands’

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Inspiration: ‘The key is in your hands’

Having been together since the year started, to greater things that life surrenders to those obedient enough and ready to accept change.

My views are believed to be among the finest under heaven and whoever believes and applies the principles, I recommend, goes with a saved soul, a mended heart and refueled desire to accomplish what others say cannot be done.

David Vs Goliath

David Vs Goliath

Your mind belongs to you! I would advise you to stop filling it with things that discourage you yet others, including those who were born cursed and in deep waters of poverty, are going ahead.

In my artistically written lines are keys. Different keys have been scattered along, as I move along the wider path to greatness, with you. Your tears can turn into joy if you realize that somewhere, as a person goes ahead, weeping and working, he is finally remembered by the almighty. God sends angels to comfort and to guide he who seeks.

The key to unlock the door to some of your needs is just there right in your hands. You are holding it! Have desire. Desire alone can enable you do a miracle you have never imagined of doing.

The lack of fear in your heart is among the foundational keys to all human desires, whether those things are legal or against the constitutions of the person’s country of origin.

A thief must first fight, to topple fear, before he or she can steal successfully. The one who believes that he shall one day be president must first have a heart which resembles a stone if he is to drive his way to the top seat.

No person shall one day be called honorable until he squeezes fear out of his heart. Some people will shout, on famous talk shows, for years but as long as they continue to fear, they will never go beyond getting small bribes from those in power.

The key is here, you better use it and open the doors that your enemies have been guarding or watching for so many years, making you think that a certain group of people was born to rule you as you follow. They were not!

Have enough courage to claim what rightly belongs to you. I hunted the ability to look for the keys and now are here and I have been doing all I can to put them into your open hands since the year started.

I now say to you, ‘do not be afraid’, open and enter through the legal doors. We are today in the world shaking its foundation yet it was said that we could not. The world laughed as it saw us walking up the action steps so as to wring something from what they thought was nothing.

To people who saw us, trying to fly was like going into a larger mortuary with rotting dead bodies. People shouted, as if feeling sorry, but decisions had been reached and we could not turn back.

My mother once sat me down and told me to give up. And she was right because the struggle had turned sour. I had tried for years but no sweet results, to on lookers, had been realized. She thought that police would one day kill me.

I would move around, into the city centre and beyond, researching, deep in the night, and on many occasions I would land into the hands of patrolling police officers who would make me spend the cold mornings in their cells.

The old lady always almost knelt before me asking me to quit so that I would concentrate on easy to acquire things. Before you are heavily punched, on the head, you may continue to take the fight lightly.

Every year so many Africans, seeking good life in Europe, perish in boat accidents as they try to escape misery in their home countries. There are those who make it into Europe though the rest die.

Because of the desire to change their lives, they risk and travel by boats and other water transport means and smuggle themselves into European countries, like Italy, where they hope to live like human beings.

The world says, ‘am possible’. The key is in your hands. It is invisible and a few people may see it but the wise, like you, often feel its presence and instead of feeling sorry because they lack, they concentrate on finding solutions to their problems.

Though the immigrants are sometimes deported, back to Africa, they make more journeys, using the life threatening waters, of the narrow sea called the Mediterranean until they finally settle and enjoy life in Europe.

Do not let what ‘they’ say force you look down or fill you with fear, to kill your desire to claim what you were created to own. Regardless of your background or the group of blood you own, you can show up on the podium of victors with the rewards you fought and sweated for.

The key is in your hands. Use your eyes and walk boldly, so as to open your way to power and all the greater things of life, including money and fame. Just believe and you shall enter into paradise on earth! Try one more time.

Sekka Bagenda is a writer. An inspirational public speaker and a sports scientist.

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