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After sex, what next?

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After sex, what next?



There is so much literature on what to do, in fact the word romance is always associated with foreplay something that is done before sex.

Then the other literature are all about the do’s and Don’ts of sex, but rarely will you find literature talking about what to do after sex.

What I prefer calling ‘after play’ there is a male joke that believes that if your woman can have the energy to make you a cup of tea immediately after sex, then know something…… have done zero work, in short all your energy is equal to-no work done.

But ‘after play’ is not a joking subject: it is an area that is often forgotten and ignored and in some cases, can spoil all the efforts that has been put in a love making session.

With exception of the ladies who do commercial sex, ‘after play crime’ is always committed by men, who after a sex session just jump out of bed as if they have seen a ghost, or just turn the other way when done.

But before we delve deeper into, one should know that ‘after play’ is only after play if both of you have reached a climax.

Clean each other

Few would urge that this is the first step immediately after a love making session. It’s a fact most love making sessions are accompanied by messiness, but the mistake that couples make here is that they leave all the cleaning to the ladies something that is not romantic at all, the right way should be that you clean each other before going to the next stage.

Wait till both of you cool down

This one I adapted from a friend of mine; He used to have a pause of about 20 minutes, a period when him and his partner just lay down holding each other after a sex session, he used to call it ‘kutowolokoka period’ it’s a Ganda word meaning ‘cooling off’.

When I personally tried it, I found out that it adds value to the love making session, try it your self and you wont regret it, actually many people go off to sleep during the ‘cooling session’.

Compliment each other, do reviews

Perhaps the most important point after sex is……. Communication. It is better when it is to do with complements or a review. Some sexperts believe that during this time, the nerves are cooling so one can easily squeeze in an idea or a suggestion easily if said cleverly, this is because, the male ego can be shattered during this talk, so is the confidence of a lady.

So anything that is said here should be a compliment other than a jeer ….beware that, this is not a time to correct the wrongs of your just concluded sex session.

Take a shower together

It has been proven that taking a shower together after sex will allow the sex hormones to come back in full swing. As any man will tell you, sex after a cold shower is sex like no other. The female also love this because she can watch her man getting aroused can arouse her immensely, this is because women love making love to someone who loves making love to them1

Take something sugary

Sugar is a source of energy, after burning some calories in the first session of sex, it is only reasonable that one takes a little sugar. Glucose, energy drink or a soda can do the trick though this may be only psychological. But psychological or not, some sugar has always been good after sex.

Lastly but not least, massage yourself, massaging is one of the most romantic ways of touching and being touched all over by someone you love, if all these steps are followed then there is a guarantee that sex part two will follow, this is sometimes very important to men, because they usually have a very short round in the first session of the love making.



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