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I love Google more than God

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I love Google more than God

I know God is busy reading this story but I have to speak the truth. It is divine to be honest and speak your mind. God created me but I love Google more than my creator just for one reason; Google answers our questions faster than God. God takes ages to give you an answer while Google does it in seconds. Which kind of friend will ever be better than that? But we should not forget that there are some questions that Google can’t answer but God can.

A computer has become man’s best friend replacing the dog. Just imagine a friend who does the work for you and even warns of danger or alerts you when you are about to make a mistake. When you click shutdown this good friend will say the following: Are sure? When you click ‘yes’ then he says ‘This system is shutting down. Please save all work in progress and log off. Any unsaved work will be lost’. This is similar to a friend who warns you that a tiger has broken loose from a zoo.

I thank Bill Gates and all those other computer lizards….. Did I say lizards? No I meant wizards for having added a piece of flesh on ICT. Every fool can now use a computer and they appreciate the invention. It is a case of artificial Intelligence usually beating natural stupidity. Some one fears a computer mouse thinking that it can bite him. Don’t you worry because it doesn’t bite. My sister tried to scare away a fly from the monitoir with a cursor. This is the typical truth that life is about try and error.

Kids don’t just love computers, they love the games played on the computers. They end up getting hooked on computer games. I personally tried some many computer games until I discovered that you cannot win a computer at any game. Every time I played chess with a computer I would lose; the only consolation I have is that a computer cannot win me in kickboxing. I can kick it into pieces.

I hate the obsession people get when they interact with computers; they are not ready to stop. A computer specialist was asked: What do you do when you see a beautiful girl? The chap replied, ‘I down load her’. This obsession continues even in programming. Actually compute programming is like sex, you do one mistake and you have to support it for the rest of your life. If your girl friend breaks your heart simply break her Apple iPhone 5. She will cry more. She can’t live without it.

If you must use your computer alone, fix a password. Others won’t access it. A man and wife decided to set a new password on their computer. The man entered “My_penis”. His wife fell on the floor laughing out loudly after computer answered him, “Too short…” Just how did the computer know?



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