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Judith Babirye plays religious card in politics!


Judith Babirye plays religious card in politics!

That Judith is going for an elective post is no gossip especially after we came to learn that she is following on the footsteps of Rachael Magoola.

However, Rafiki was shocked to hear Judith herself boasting that 20 pastors are fasting everyday till election day for her victory.

Rafiki has no problem with Judith , infact Rafiki rates her highly but Rafiki believes that Judith has now gone astray. First, politics is for goons; secondly, involving God or using religion as a tool for politics is bad news since we have been told once and again never to mix religion with politics. But the gospel crooner did exactly this.

Recently during the anniversary of Phiona Mukasa Wamala’s 20 years music anniversary show at theatre Labonita, Babirye went as far as saying that when she fails it will be a shame for all the Savedees call them Balokole, kind of trying to black mail the faithfuls!



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