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Five secrets that will make your man kill for you

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Five secrets that will make your man kill for you

The worlds first couple Barrack Obama and Michelle

The worlds first couple Barrack Obama and Michelle

A wise man once said that the best trick the women have used over the ages is to ‘pretend’ that they are the weaker sex! while in actual fact, they are the stronger sex.

Take any task that is performed by a woman and give it to a man and the man will go berserk. Am not talking about the big tasks like being pregnant, those the creator knew aforehand that the men will never just manage that come rain or shine!

Am talking about the little tasks like watching over the kids for a day, doing the house chores etc. It’s no wonder that the late ‘kadongo kamu’ maestro said that ,when ones wife is wailing after losing a family member, instead of the man sympathizing with the wife, he starts asking the wife when she will come back from the funeral!

To some, such a question is an insensitive one, but to the men, it’s a statement of defeat, that declares to the woman folk that ……. when you are away, I just can’t manage anything!

But on the other hand, women fall in different categories; there are those who will make you happy when you are with them, others who will make you happy when they are gone, and yet others who a man would die for (So you should not always wonder if one kills for a woman)! What brings these differences in women is a cocktail of things, some of them include;-

Bedroom matters

Some relationship gurus say that while sex might not be the most important thing in a relationship, but when it goes bad or misses, then 80% of the relationship is gone!

And here there are many things that will make one woman better in bed than the other, they include things like knowledge (yes sexual knowledge is paramount) how active is one in bed (call it movement), sounds (these are used as morale boosters) although this is debatable, because one sex expert claims that when a woman is really enjoying the sex, the level of the noise is limited to uuuhs ahhas and mmmhss! and cleanliness among many other facts!

Relationship with the man’s relatives

When a friend of mine chucked his long time girlfriend, his mother called her and gave her refugee! Telling her that she should stay with her until when the guy comes to his senses.

The funny thing is that, even his friends refused to side with him, telling him that the girl was his best shot to happiness!
He confided in me that after that episode, his family and friends made him marry the girl and they are soon celebrating 4 years of marriage.

A simple explanation to this is that when a man marries, he marries for the community, from the family to the friends, and most of the times family and friends will not be wrong when they commend on a spouse.

Happy mode

Many women actually don’t know this, that although men are voyagers in nature, they will always go back to a woman who made them feel happier! It’s no wonder that most men will visit the brothel, just to have that temporary feel of happiness, before they go back to the stress of the world.
A woman who will smile, laugh and make her man feel relaxed will have more ‘we’ time with her man than one who will always be a reminder of life’s stresses.


Many people don’t see this as a major fact in holding up a relationship/marriage, but one thing that keeps many relationships in line is the ability of a woman to be sly.

The dictionary defines slyness as cunning/tricky/clever, and this is exactly what I mean.
Men are ego driven in whatsoever they do, it’s against this that a woman should know that all she needs is to boost the ego of her man and inflate his words and dos making him feel important and relevant. In fact all men have one primary goal, to be relevant around their women!


Am not going to talk about the abuses that are meted out on women, because I won’t ask for the women to accept to be abused because most of the time, when one tolerates abuse it only escalates and this sometimes leads to fatality.

What I am talking about is for the ladies to realize that men are wired differently from women: The level of care, compassion, feelings are all different between the sexes, it takes lots of womanhood for any relationship to stand the test of time..

From a distance these five points look minor, but they could be the difference you see between a man even killing another for a woman, and another man thanking the stars that he has finally freed himself from another woman!



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