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‘An exhausted nation’

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‘An exhausted nation’

Besigye on the back of an already tired electorate

I predicted just recently that Besigye will contest again


It was several weeks ago when I predicted, to cling to the backs of the already tired electorate in this country.

For us, I told you, we know what it takes to succeed and I didn’t think, for even one moment, that Besigye would stand by ,watching, as the almost ever quiet Muntu traversed the country telling people that Museveni is a very bad man and that he should not be given a fifth term.

There is a tabloid in this country which alleged, several years ago, that Mr. Museveni was likely to rule us for fifty years. I almost respected its words. God gives life. Who knows, it might happen.

I thank those concerned for remembering the road taking me straight to one of my residential areas in this country. Unlike in the past, the road is now passable.

Besigye is busy looking for votes, after swearing in his hoarse voice, that he will never come back to contest for presidency unless he sees reforms! This country needs deep and serious prayers. I didn’t vote him because I know him better than I know his former ally, Museveni.

I make winners in Olympics. I make champions in the game of golf or rugby or football and other sports. I make school children excel in their exams. And tell pastors and prophets to tell the truth and they listen, yet they say they are men of God. I instruct politicians to stop lying and they listen. My voice is so free.

I make sure the world lives in peace. I write and then see freedom prevailing. So, don’t stop me or misunderstand me! When I tell Museveni to stop, it doesn’t mean I hate him. Besigye wrongs, like other politicians who forget quickly.

Muntu also has a case to answer. Olara masterminded misery in this country. Bwanika knows his mistakes and knows very well that men of God don’t lie. Politics is a dirty game Bwanika must know! We all know that Abed Bwanika is a servant of God. He is supposed to unite, not cause wars among his followers! Coalitions are formed to take power.

After taking power what next? Power greed! I will give out huge sacks of wisdom, more precious than gold or silver, if any opposition member, a genuine one, says he was happy when Museveni handed more of ‘Ebyafffe’ to Mayiga at state house Entebbe.

Lukyamuzi remembers the days he used to command us not to vote Museveni into power because he refused to give ‘Ebyafffe’ to their former owners, the Baganda.

Something else must be spoken by the now too quiet Lukyamuzi. Betty Nambooze also has lines she had grasped that she dropped. I didn’t expect so much serious politics from Nambooze, for I know that she grew up a poor girl in Mukono and fought her way to dirty politics to reach somewhere in life.

I am neutral. My job is to open people’s eyes. I am here to answer people’s questions. I am here to strengthen the hearts of those who are now weak in the heart. I am here to teach people that indeed there are high ways and short cuts to success. I am here to inform the world that the animal called man changes.

Open your eyes while in the temple of wisdom, and you will become a true analyst, who will stop blaming or attacking Tamale Mirundi for the words he says. He is some how a wise man whom we taught how to serve in all governments that come to rule. Tamale will easily cross to the next government and he will attack weak minds from there, who are now his allies.

Mirundi’s wisdom is purely man made and, such wisdom works especially in deeply poor nations. Amama Mbabazi knows Museveni very well so; let’s give time and all our ears. He has been with him for more than thirty years. Why do you doubt what he says?

Nasser Sebbagala said he defected from the ruling government after stealing a lot of secrets from there. We are waiting to hear from him. My eagle eyed spies are scattered everywhere and they gather everything that your politicians are saying behind the scenes. Before Sebbagala tells us, I will be the first to know. Here, we don’t allege.

Behind me is a team of tested men and women who know very well that a man or woman can even undress in order to get what he or she has been seeking for in a long time.

I don’t fear problems. I eat them for breakfast whenever they come to attack me. This nation is really exhausted. I am among the very few free voices remaining around here, in this sick country. I will uncover more shocking secrets. I am ready!

The Sunrise is the only paper which directly speaks to the president almost every week. If he listens, let him, and his men, stand up and do something because our nation is sick and vomiting.

So exhausted it is! We shall expose all people, especially men, who have contributed, hugely, to the malnourishment of this nation! We shall fight to the end.

Sekka Bagenda is a writer. An inspirational public speaker and a sports scientist. Have your say via 0756717967 or email:



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