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Maneno in Lambada dance

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Maneno in Lambada dance

Lambada dance

Lambada dance

Maneno’s World with Mush

Hullo you there; and how have you been in these very trying times of whatever ramifications you may be exposed to? For us, citizens and no-citizens of this great nation are gearing up for elections of national leaders come next February while some proponents are vowing to do it the Burundi way and my oh my; what else can happen to mother U!

Well, life has to go on, so said some crazy chap. And by so saying, this excuse of a creation was trying to mean that wheda what or what, the sun will continue to rise and set never breaking its creational schedule.

Maneno sends you greetings and has this as another of his most recent foray in Maneno’s world. So, if you dare to read on, you are pleasantly welcome aboard.

It was the other weekend that yours in service happened to be that honoured to accompany Maneno to one of those night life dancing gigs in one of these sleazy night clubs which have mushroomed in and around the city precincts.

Billboard advertisements for this weekend do announced that no less than 20 local celebrities would do one or two of their most popular numbers to the excitement, I mean sexexcitement of the attending revellers. Then word went doing rounds mbu come midnight those two nights of that weekend, several well endowed and sexexciting granddaughters of Eve would display dancing tricks including but definitely also not excluding dances of the ekimansulo fame.

Ekimansulo my foot! Did someone ever wise you on the fact that considering how haywire the biological substances of the modern age have gone, and continue going, if, even Jesus of Nazareth happened to come back and walk the streets of our cities as well as the roads of the countrysides, he would be mesmerized by what he would see going on. Or, haven’t you ever heard of that lyric where the female crooner promised to love her yet to be hubby ne Katonda waaliaba yeewuunye. What fertile imaginations some people can have!

Well back to the night life. The celebrities of the nights, including those with or without ekitone, did their things driving their drunken audience shrieking mad you would think the damn fellows were going through different stages of suffering a few seconds of the damn orgasm.

Now, come a few hours after midnight. Disco music ruled the hours of the yet to now dawn mornings. This was to the accompaniment of the very brave daughters of the soil who were so skimply dressed, their excuse of garments, which they had on, were exposing more than they were hiding and by this you should be reading a putting on show of very healthy as well as unhealthy thighlands, bustlands, booblands in addition to giving you liberal glimpses of ekitone for those who had anything to show.

An hour into the heat of things, three dancers came on stage their behinds vibrating to the rhythm of the blaring music. Good thing is that the revellers who so opted, were allowed to go on stage, tip the dancers or dance with them, in addition to groping them anywhere they so wanted and this included but was not limited to the thighlands, booblands as well as finger surfing the ladies vaginal wealth.

Oh my God; how unlucky many of you are if you think we still have right thinking members of the public. Wapi bwana.Such good helpings of products of spermatozoa and ova stopped walking these lands long before even Jesus travelled on a virgin donkey. Kati things are just highly and listen with great reservation to what that pastor, reverend, Imam or whoever may be telling you about morality. Development oyeee!

Yours faithfully was present sir/madam and was a live witness seeing Maneno wizardly and feverishly zigzagging to the stage as if he was possessed with Jajja Dungu owe’ddalu. On play was this very sexy song titled dance Lambada. Word has it mbu its origins are in the southern parts of the Americas.

Mother of all creations! Me, I never saw Maneno looking so possessed. Doing a wriggling of his waist, the poor chap had one of the dancing queens bend her behindand feverishly and endlessly rubbing it around and around Maneno’s fly. Jesus on a bodaboda! From my vantage point, I could clearly see that this girl of about 23 had on a torn g-string out of which hang her ekitone.

The people in the know know that nzeSejjusa but looking at what I was seeing, bannange, I feared a Catholic there present wouldn’t even think of going for confession the following day to tell the Father mbu ‘Nsonyiwa Father nakemeddwa ne neegombaekibala……’ Even a much forgiving Father might be tempted to have an erection on listening to a recollection of the things our eyes saw that night.

And that’s not all. Can you imagine that four minutes into the dancing, the dancing queen went into over-drive, like a turbo engine in a motor vehicle! She shrieked silly and what we saw next was an outpouring of a good helping of her love juices which flooded Maneno’s fly and what happened next or elsewhere in these surroundings can only be left to your fertile imagination.



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