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‘Success attracts Success’

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‘Success attracts Success’

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Its Juliana's success in musici that has kept her at the top for so many years

Its Juliana’s success in musici that has kept her at the top for so many years

Perhaps we all agree that we are now true friends having been together for some time now. The entire world believes that it’s not easy to speak wisdom to a person for an incredible amount of time that we might spend together.

Thank you for becoming obedient as I wished you could be. We have seen miracles being performed and now, I say it is my right to say “nothing is impossible”

We have now started to climb up, swiftly, towards the mountain top. If they didn’t stop us in the beginning, then nothing can stop us. I am here with you. Do not fear. Everything will happen as we, the tested human beings, predicted.

You shall too perform miracles and nothing will ever stand in your way to stop you. The brave stand up and close their ears against what people say and do the uncommon and then the world cries, “Oh God, we thought he could never get there”.

I, who the wise praise, was totally nothing.  My poverty was heavy. I cannot stop turn back. I cannot stop looking for more success because I know that poverty kills even those who are so friendly to it. Come on, and refuse to continue doubting. You will also see the land that they said is full of milk and honey. You will step into paradise!

Poverty begets poverty and success, on the other hand, begets more success. Most people call it greed, but let me tell you, my friend, Godrey Kirumira cannot sit to leave money alone wandering around looking for other people.

Your time will come. I was last time shocked when I discovered that most politicians in this country were so poor before they ascended into positions of power. Igeme Nabeta was a poor boy before the people in Jinja East sent him to parliament.

If you really know more about success, and the way it comes, you cannot say that Igeme’s inherited wealth would make him what he is today. Accept to achieve your first success and more success, I know, will come looking for you.

Most people, who were elected to the parliament of this country, this year, went there to improve their lives. And that’s all. Criticisms and abuses will not derail them.  People today are so determined to gather wealth and the words that people say mean nothing to them.

Search, wherever you will, and you will not find even a single person, who is successful today, who began and remained with the same things that he possessed in the beginning.

President Museveni today openly says that he possesses wealth. That he is a rich man. But we must all agree that less than five decades ago he was poor. Poverty does not hide. Search and look at my photos that are decades old. You will laugh in disbelief.

A sales man, who sells better than most people in most parts of the world, told me that he was shy when growing up but that he now does not mind about what people say.

He fears to lack money. So he chose progress over fear. Ordinary sales men are afraid of what people say. And that’s why they are ordinary. They leave work and go back, to their ordinary homes, and sleep soundly before thinking.  That is the reason they are about to be sacked. Wake up my dear!

We shall say the truth. And we shall try and make things happen! We want tremendous success. And nothing can stop us .I will lead you in the struggle.  You will therefore see the answers here. You will see the light!

Ahead I am moving and this year will be special to us all. The other man wondered, I think, because I said I would laugh at Betty Kamya and Ken Lukyamuzi. I   laughed indeed.

But now, I am taught never to nag those who land themselves in trouble. I love the good and the bad. Let the failures remake themselves once more. The world is now active, and awake, and so alert, and with the ability to analyze things and understand them.

The reasons why Lukyamuzi did not want to retire are known to me. I will say them to you. Successful people know that success follows success. The same is true to failure.

Money, when it starts to come, comes in such large amounts that the person who was lacking it in the beginning may ask himself where it was hiding during the days he was lacking it. If your plan was to think of giving up, think about the journey you have so far moved and the time you have wasted.

Roosevelt moved in a wheel chair yet he led the United States successfully. It is very foolish to lose hope because, success, and more success, will come when the right time comes. Just wait and wait, and wait. Things will happen. Success begets bigger success. Carry on!

Sekka Bagenda is a writer. An inspirational Public Speaker and a Sports Scientist.

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