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What makes incredible photography

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What makes incredible photography

Capturing the best shoot with your camera

Capturing the best shoot with that camera

Clinging to greatness in photography goes beyond pointing a camera at a particular object and taking a shot.

Indeed framing stories and catching compositions given the curiosity of the camera person can drive a photographer to greatness

“When you look at a scene, your brain quickly picks out subjects of interest but the camera doesn’t discriminate it captures everything in front of it, which can lead to a cluttered, messy picture with no clear focal point” Owaraga Emmanuel


Photography is about conveying your vision in a way, to be appreciated by an external observer.

The best photographs tend to have an original or unusual vision that differs from the norm; in order to see this, the photographer has to have the wherewithal to pause and want to look in the first place.

They have to be willing at least subconsciously to be question why things are always seen a certain way, and if there are any other possible ways of seeing that might be interesting.

He or she should be open to exploring other styles, subjects and methods of photography even if only vicariously through the work of others; inspiration can come from anywhere.

“I can’t think of too many things more frustrating than catching a tricky moment, but missing on exposure or being slightly off with focus, or nailing both but then finding the frame is ruined by camera shake” Lutamaguzi Joseph Senior Photographer

More to consider.

Great use of Light: I’ve put this as No. I, because photography is essentially all about light. As has been said many a time, photography literally means ‘painting with light’, and to become a true master of this discipline requires that you can read and understand light in the same way that you read and understand language- Metaphorically, it is one of the linguistic building blocks of photography.

Great Composition: As in great art, great photographs generally have a sense of compositional form and balance that is pleasing to the eye.

A Sense of Timing: Take a look at the work of Henri Cartier-Bresson, the undisputed master of street photography, and you will notice that, as well as having complete mastery of composition, he was also a master of timing.





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