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‘Deeds, not words’


‘Deeds, not words’

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Deeds not Words

Deeds not Words

Let’s move on with the struggle that is likely to save souls and bodies that had accepted the reality of hell fire. I like the way you people have responded. University students are now full of belief that life can change despite the negative predictions from those who soil the education system in Uganda.

I know education did not make me but I also believe that it has made so many men and women who might have died unknown if they didn’t sit into classrooms for all the years that they were supposed. All people that have ‘eaten’ this country up went to school.

If you can, and study. Listen to the sense, and the nonsense, of your lecturers and believe that, at last, it will be your brain to save you from the rough hands of this world. There is a thing that few people understand in this world and that is, how to become so successful.

The highly educated cannot explain this and you, yourself, may not fully explain why Mandela became the man he became. In the early 21st century you heard Besigye’s name being sung by almost all town dwellers. You ended at that, only, and then thought that it was perhaps luck that enabled the ever tough talking man to become a darling of people who thought they knew politics better than that man down, in Bukanga sub county, in Luuka district.

I wake up every day and think of you people and then remind myself that the struggle must go on.   You must in fact know how to get what you deserve. You deserve better. You deserve more.  You can get more! You can become more than what the other philosopher thought possible in his well punctuated essays.

There is some thing that prevents people from succeeding and that is, the fear of what people might say.  It is the only thing that will prevent men like Besigye to get where to sit, up high, away from ordinary seats.

He was not going to contest again. We stood here, and opened his eyes. Think again about the years that Mandela slept in prison. This excitement over the Magufuli policies has roots. Magufuli laid the foundations of his fame so many years ago.

Before last year, few people knew Magufuli, yet he was there. “Your future is created by what you do today, not tomorrow”, a highly respected wise man once said.

No one knows people until they break through the prison walls to the free world. A musician who admired a Chameleon and a Bobie Wine worked for less than six years. He gave up, thinking that what he was seeking was impossible to obtain.

There are things we may not want to tell light-hearted readers of newspapers because we know they might quit following us, but also we know that truth must be spoken. We are at last understood and copies are sold.

The bitterest truths have always existed here and we shall say this always. ‘Success is not an apple that you may come along and pluck from a tree when it’s ripe and run away with it.’ There is nothing for nothing. You need to become a person of action.

Rise up and go away from there, where you are used to. You cannot grow fat unless you continue taking the liquids and the appetite inducing foods that the other American takes, to suffer from obesity. You cannot take up, and own, what you think belonged to you unless you step up your desire and then back that desire with action.

He hates the man in office and he has actually risen against him and the battle is on. He is fired up and ready to go. I mean Dr. Besigye. He is hunting his animal and wait, if he manages to arrive, the same people, who are now against him, will come to want to work with him. That’s the world we stay in.

You suffer alone! And you must accept to do so. And when you get there, those who claim they made you will come out to parade themselves before cameras. So many things we pass through, to become people, and so few of them we can manage to say.  They were so many and heart  breaking.

The journey is often so long and really difficult. But, when you put yourself under the umbrella, to rest, a bit, you forget the tears and the disappointments. I look at these scars and remember the words of my friends and relatives who always sung, in my presence, a song titled ‘Waste of Time’.

I remember that and say, ‘Ooh, it wouldn’t be possible if I didn’t believe and then backed my belief with action. A man sat and tried to question our greatness but when he searched, he found very few people who could do what the Temple does.

I am richer than I thought because, I chose the right path and that is, ‘serving people’. I have obtained peace and happiness, the two uncommon riches. Above all, I have so many friends that I wouldn’t have possessed even if I were the president of the United States. “Fired Up” Back your dreams with action.

Sekka is a writer.

An inspirational Public Speaker and a Sports Scientist.

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