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Something weird about women

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Something weird about women

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CUTE BABES: There will always be that cute queen who makes her fellows feel insecure

CUTE BABES: There will always be that cute queen who makes her fellows feel insecure

The presenter of a certain local radio station asked his listeners to make phone calls and tell him if they preferred a male doctor to a female in case they were to receive treatment at a hospital.

About fifteen listeners called. Six of them were male listeners and the other nine were female. The interesting bit of it is that all the nine female callers preferred a male doctor. This was predictable; actually, when did females start preferring females?

A lady walks into a room and some other ladies in the room start to hate her for no reason. They make rude remarks; give icy stares that would make the newcomer almost bury herself if she has no self-confidence.

Often times, despite you having done absolutely nothing to wrong her in any way. It has become a normal thing to hear some ladies say that they can’t relate to other women and that they get along better with males.

Women are jealousy: Most women, whether they admit it or not, like to have attention focused on them. If there is something taking it away from them, especially another woman, then she gets a little intimidated and typically starts to hate. Some women would hate you, if they think you are prettier than them.

Your mere presence makes them feel like ugly. If your dress looks prettier, they would hate. If they are single, they will see you as the competition. If they are married, they will see you as the seductive temptress trying to steal their man away.

Secondly, insecurity also bothers women a lot. Some women are very insecure. They judge other women according to their insecurities and what makes them feel better about themselves.

Some women have a little too much pride within them and therefore cannot like anyone who they perceive is better than them. It’s okay to have a lot of self-esteem but a lot of women confuse it with pride.

It’s true that men and women are different. While turning to the call, a woman usually just turns her head, while a man will turn his entire body. It’s because women have more flexible neck. The breasts of human women are much larger in proportion than those of other female mammals.

The prominent size, while not necessary for milk production, is most likely a result of sexual selection. While many stars and moons are christened with female names, Venus is the only planet in our solar system given the name of a female goddess. If the women are that special then it is possible for them to act strangely by hating fellow women.




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