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What is this thing called Love?

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What is this thing called Love?

Lovely couple Rema and Kenzo are deeply in love

Great couple Rema and Kenzo are deeply in love


Some months ago, I got tired of watching the flurry of activity going on around me and having none of the action. Days had gone by without a single one of my “facebook friends” saying or doing anything in my corner so I figured out the best way to get everyone’s attention would be to talk about something we all understand. I decided to start a conversation about LOVE.

After posing the question “what is this thing called love” I realised soon enough that nobody seemed to really have the foggiest idea how to define this so called “universal language”. I got a few fumbling answers, some text book responses, but nothing satisfactory. Still, I was happy, at least someone was reading and posting something on my wall.

Next, to spice things up, I came up with a philosophical sounding conclusion saying something about love not being an emotion but a decision…really serious high sounding stuff, if I may say so myself.

Now that really caught everyone’s attention. All of a sudden, they “knew” what love was, or perhaps what it was not….and I got some colorful analogies of how unanticipated love is, most of which I dare not repeat here.

Finally, thoroughly fired up by the attention I was getting, I posted a very romantic quote and not unexpectedly, my “facebook wall” became a hive of activity….My mission was accomplished.

What was really funny about all this though, is that everyone assumed it was romantic love I was asking about.

Nobody spoke of the different types of love that we have – a parental love perhaps, the type of love that believes in you even when to the rest of the world it is evident that you have clearly lost your way; or filial love – the kind that you have for your siblings because you know they are yours no matter what you do, and there is just no getting rid of them (love you sis!)….or the kind of love that makes a sister or a brother out of a friend (much like you, “L”).

I met this beautiful lady called Medina Asaba Burungi for the very first time in my life I fell in love with her, yes am talking about first love I don’t know if it has ever happened to you, being there and you miss someone you’ve never told how you feel about them, My goodness this lady is driving me crazy.

I pose the question again, “What is this thing called Love?”




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