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Katongole hits back at Titie


Katongole hits back at Titie

Titie and Katongole shortly before the couple fell out

Titie and Katongole shortly before the couple fell out

When love ends, partners would throw all sorts of unpalatable words at each other. So is the case with the two celebrities and former love birds Titie Tabel and Katongole Omutongole following the former’s recent introduction of his new fiancée.

As the CBS presenter and singer Titie Tabel was busy organizing the introduction of her new man, her ex, was on the other hand too busy working on a new hit whose clear intention is to diss her.

The new song has been playing for days now on FM radio stations, particularly Beat FM, where Katongole works as a presenter.

In the new hit sung to kadongokamu beats, Katongole does not hide his anger concerning Titie’s introduction of a new man.

Though he doesn’t mention Titie by name, it is crystal clear that it is his ex that he is addressing in the new hit.

Among others, Katongole sings how he has since Titie moved on landed what he calls a ‘complete woman.” He then thanks her new so-called catch for rescuing him from ‘’gold diggers and incomplete women.”

“Help me tell all and sundry that I now have a complete woman. She is of an aristocratic background. She is rich, a good cook and stable as well,” Katongole rants.

What initially looked to be a stunt geared at marketing her song in which she disses Katongole as a “bad deal”, proved true recently after Titie introduced her new man.

Not even Katongole could believe it initially when Titie announced having dumped him for another man. Katongole kept asserting how his and Titie’s is romance made in heaven. He would wake up later after his ex walked the talk by introducing the new guy to her parents.

When the news of her new man first leaked, Titie explained that she and Katongole were man and wife in name.

“We have been living apart for some time no,” Titie opened up her on her love tribulation during an interview with one of the local diaries.

She disclosed then how she took the decision of separating with Katongole because the man was in the habit of sleeping around with other women.

Katongole would keep her silence in face of what Titie said in move that was interpreted to mean that he was seeking for reconciliation with his ex.

“Eby’omunju tebitoottolwa,” loosely translated, “bedroom matters are matters strictly for the bedroom,” he would retort whenever he was asked to comment about the affair.

Now that he is speaking of having hooked up with a brunette whom the Ugandan public is certainly anxiously waiting for.

Short of that, the world will keep treating what he is singing about in his new song as empty words and at worst sour grapping by other means.



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