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Why women live longer than men

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Why women live longer than men


It has been said that women live longer than men

It has been said that women live longer than men

Every society subscribes to the belief that women live longer than men. On average males have 60 percent higher mortality rates than females.

Traditionally people used to think that men didn’t live as long because they were the bread winners, yet women still outlive men. This is likely to be something else, and the question now is what is it?

Researchers say that women may live longer than men because of their stronger immune systems which protect them from diseases. It was that found women produce more infection-fighting white blood cells than men of the same age.

They believe females are born with an inner strength which works more effectively and for longer than it does in males. It has been widely believed that female hormones are more protective, preventing the development of heart disease which is not the case with male hormones.

Of course scientific findings do not exclude the risk theory as it is accepted that men are exposed to more hazardous substances at work and take part in activities that are more damaging to health. Again the high testosterone levels are associated with risk-taking and aggression in younger males and with heart disease and prostate cancer in later life.

There are causes of deaths like accidents, suicide, cirrhosis of the liver, lung cancer from smoking, using guns, being adventurous, acting unafraid, drinking alcohol, working at hazardous jobs and many others which are directly targeting men. Each of these is related to behaviors which are encouraged or accepted more in men than in women in our society.

It is true that since women live longer than men means that the female population is greater than that of the male counterparts. This is likely to speak volumes. First of all this may explain why in most societies the female population is greater than that of their male counterparts.

The majority of countries have a greater proportion of females to males in the over-65 age range. In April 2015 the fairer sex dominated the list of oldest living people in the world to such an extent that the oldest man in the world only came in at number 35 on the list.



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