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Nsimbe: man behind Richkiss Graphics        

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Nsimbe: man behind Richkiss Graphics        


Man behind Richkiss Graphics

Man behind Richkiss Graphics

Yunus Nsimbe is a video producer with a difference. He got into the music industry initially through graphics designing. Now, he is not only a presenter of good visual works, but a video director, too.

In the music industry production, Nsimbe, 21, has established his own brand – Richkiss Graphics. It is behind the production works of some of the recognizable labels in Uganda’s music industry.

Such projects include: Testimony by Roda K; Abantu Babi by Ragga Dee and Jerry Isaac a.k.a, J.I; Tuli Majje and FTR by Ziza Bafana; Masanso by Stipper Man; Nsika by Caro Nantongo, among the most notable.

Nsimbe has also done graphic production for Henixx Touch Films, Revelation Pictures, West Wood Filmz, Jobbinz Motion Pictures and Shilo Films. He did these both on contractual basis and on a one-off assignment.

Nsimbe started his business on the streets, after failing to continue his “A” Level studies. “With the knowledge acquired from friends on streets, I dedicated more time to practice in which I got to work with different people and companies,” he said. In a two-year period he worked with  Ibrahim Mweyunge, a.k.a, CJI Ibzo ; and got a contract with Buggie Empire, a record label for video production works, editing and graphics designing. It was here that he got his breakthrough.

Of a family of nine children, Nsimbe was orphaned at the age of 14 in 2009. Despite this loss, he attended Maganjo UMEA Primary School, then, Sam Iga Memorial Collage for “0” Level in 2012. Because of his “passion for computer works, I ended up doing graphics with friends on streets. I was always inspired by movies, music videos, posters and billboards,” he added, and that is where he employed his visual production works and graphics display.

Nsimbe said that graphics is his way of life and earning, but he also runs a canteen in Maganjo Kawempe. However, he said that his “big goal is to achieve and be the best video producer in the country.”




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