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An insight into why women cheat


An insight into why women cheat

Why women cheat

Why women cheat

Relationships are so complex to the effect that there are always unresolved questions.  One of such questions is why women choose to cheat.  Basically people become hard puzzled to solve. If men cheat then women are running a close second.

A report out of the Kinsey Institute at Indiana University found that, for the first time in modern history, women are cheating at nearly the same rate as men. Another study, published in the National Opinion Research Center’s 2013 General Social Survey, found that while the percentage of men who admitted to infidelity has held constant over the last two decades, the percentage of wives who reported having affairs rose almost 40 percent.

When people talk about cheating, it’s often in the context of men cheating. There is a cultural expectation that men will seek out female attention, but that women won’t do the same. But women still do cheat. The question now is what makes a woman cheat in a relationship? Therapists, relationship gurus, and divorce attorneys alike all have their theories when it comes to the reasons that women are unfaithful to their partners.

One of the biggest gateway drugs to having an affair, by women, is feeling like she is not appreciated. Women tend to cheat in intimate relationships when they no longer feel valued.  This can mean different things for different people, of course, but generally speaking, if a woman does not feel heard by her partner, or if a woman feels dismissed or ignored by her partner, the woman tends to be more open to outside solicitation.

Just like in the situation above, the cheating usually happens with the first person who comes along and fills that void. If she is feeling lonely and is not feeling connected in the relationship, but someone else shows an interest, particularly in the area of listening to her or being empathetic or demonstrating that she is valued, then she is more likely to cheat.

Women can also cheat to gain material things. Human needs are endless but it is also possible for a woman to think that by cheating she can land to a wealthy man who can suffice her needs. Another reason that men hate to hear is the fact that majority of the women are on prowl for sexual satisfaction. Because they cannot get it from their hubbies they are inclined to cheat and probably get it elsewhere. In the same line some women cheat as a means of revenge to the hubbies; not forgetting that others do it for adventure. But whatever the reason for cheating, it’s not a justifiable act.





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