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I have unfinished business with my ex….

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I have unfinished business with my ex….

Awkward Ideas

Awkward Ideas

Someone once said that in relationships you are likely to meet several wrong people before finally meeting the right one. This means that having an ex or exes is a common thing.

Exes are people who once occupied our hearts and when things could not work out we decided to part ways.  One thing is clear that an ex is that person who once meant the entire world to you and at one time he or she is exactly what you wanted to have in your life. But because of one reason or another you could not continue.

The question of whether or not you can be friends with your ex is an age-old question that has been tested both in real life and in films and TV shows: Can exes really be friends? According to science, the answer lies in these two things: did the relationship end on a positive note?

And was there the existence of a friendship before the relationship took place?  If two people were already close friends before a relationship started, it can sometimes be easy to transition back to that friendship once the romance fizzles.

After a break up some people may not mourn the loss of a partner but the loss of that family member you loved as much as you loved your partner. This person might be a brother, a sister, a dad or a mum to your ex. You may also be missing the way he or she slept perfectly next to you.

People often miss those favorite places that you introduced to each other, and subsequently went to all the time together. Sometimes you miss the way he or she called you before you went to sleep and the friends you made because of him, not forgetting the stupid, little inside jokes you shared.

Some people feel propelled to date their exes again after realizing that maybe it was a wrong decision to break up or if they have unfinished business with them. Dating an ex is almost always doomed to failure. Quite a sorry start, but it’s something you really have to understand

If you’re contemplating over dating an ex, you really have to think of that adage, once bitten twice shy, and consider your options beyond that. Now not all ex reunions end badly.

In fact, it could actually help both partners understand the real value of the relationship. But dating an ex brings a big question into the picture. Are you really ready for it? Have you fixed the challenges that caused the breakup in the first place?






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