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Okapi (Sharp Knife) cuts off husband’s genitals

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Okapi (Sharp Knife) cuts off husband’s genitals

Okapi cuts off husband’s genitals

Okapi cuts off husband’s genitals

Coming back from school, in the guest room, busy having sex with somebody. Remember, Okapi had been a sex worker and a drug addict before Seru took her to a rehabilitation center and then married her. Okapi told me this story when she was in prison serving her sentence. Continue:

“When I caught them, Kagere was very scared, but Seru looked as if nothing was wrong. God gave me strength to move out of the room without causing any havoc, and I closed the door for them.

“Hajji, when I stormed the room, Seru was there with my best friend, Kagere, the girl I gave my house plus all the utensils and the furniture that was in it before I married Seru. During our small wedding, after signing our marital papers at the Administrator General’s office, Kagere was my matron.

“When I caught them, Kagere was very scared, but Seru looked as if nothing was wrong. God gave me strength to move out of the room without causing any trouble, and I closed the door for them.

“Hajji, you can’t believe it; Seru even locked the door and continued with what he was doing without fear, but this time he was harassing Kagere. I could hear him beating her; that he had paid her already.

“Having gone through all that before, I forgave Kagere because she needed the money, and Seru used to pay big money. The beating was becoming unbearable and I felt sad for her. To stop more beatings, I run to the guest door, which, too, was locked and shouted at Kagere to do it, for I had no problem.

“The beating stopped as Kagere gave in while sobbing. I went back to my bedroom to rest as I was not feeling well. But I could not rest, for, Hajji, I had developed strong feelings for Seru and I was not ready to go back to the street to sell my body.

“Later, I heard them going out, but in the corridor, Kagere cried to me for forgiveness, which I had done already. In the evening when my husband came back, I also pretended as if nothing had happened. I behaved even much better than my usual ways. He got suspicious that may be I was up to something, but I played it cool for him to have more confidence in me.

“Hajji Abaasi, the woman in me was burning. I really loved this man but he betrayed my trust. How could he do this to me? He would have left me on the street I was used to.

“Seru continued his ways of bringing women into our marital home every time he wanted. When I tried to complain, he beat me up, accusing me of being selfishagainst my fellow malayas; that I didn’t want them to leave the streets as I did. He would sometimes shout out for the neighbours to hear.

“Seru continued to break my heart. He would sleep with girls and later come to me in the same night after beating them and sending them out in the middle of the night, sometimes beating me, too, because he said I was not performing well.

“I tried to bear everything, but not the beatings. I got tired of life and resumed drugs to kill the mental and physical torture I was experiencing. When I resumed drugs I started fighting back. I suffered scars all over my body. This is when I bought that small pocket knife called, ‘Okapi’, to completely stop him.

“That night he came back late after midnight and he was drunk. He found me high after smoking some sticks of marijuana. He just dropped on me for sex. I gave in before he fell dead asleep.

“I started my operation by removing all his clothes. He remained completely naked. I had bought ropes which I used to tie his hands and legs on the bed – well spread. I wanted to beat him, but when I looked at his weapon of torture I got more annoyed. It was time to get rid of it.

“I got my okapi and cut off his penis and testis. The okapi was not very sharp but I forced it.

“Hajji, the beer on Seru’s head cleared and he felt the pain the way I wanted. He was well tied on the bed; that made him very helpless. He screamed when he saw his gadgets on the side table and he was bleeding profusely.

“Hajji, I tell you with drugs, you can do anything. I was pleased with the pain he was suffering. I prepared my self to leave. I left him for dead and drove his car to CPS [Central Police Station].

“I directed the Police to go there but being night they refused and went with me back. Seru was almost dead; he had lost a lot of blood. The Police took him to Mulago Hospital as I was taken to the Police station. I made my statement and was pushed into the cell. I was ready to die because of my action.

“Seru died a week later and I was charged for murder. The investigations took nine months before I was produced before a High Court judge.

“Mom and Kagere were always in court and it was Mom who paid for the lawyer. The lawyer tried to turn my case to manslaughter by using my history, but the murder was too premeditated. I even wanted to die because the world was not meant for me. I decided to frustrate him (my lawyer) many times.

“I was later convicted of murder and sentenced to death. Mom wanted to appeal the sentence but I refused.

“It’s the prison that that changed my thinking. After 17 years, I wrote to the Committee for the Prerogatives of Mercy, which turned my sentence to life imprisonment.

“I hate life out there. I have found my family here. This is where I was meant to be. I’m a mother and a teacher to everybody. They genuinely love and care for me. These women and girls you see call me Maama (She smiled).

“I’m no longer a condemned person and I am a Born-Again [Christian].

“Thanks, Hajji Abaasi.”

Dear Readers, this time I challenge you! Tell us the lesson you’ve learned from Okapi’s story. Thanks. Asalaam alaikum.





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