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Culture Institute to give ethics awards 

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Culture Institute to give ethics awards 

Culture Institute to give ethics awards

Culture Institute to give ethics awards

The Institute of Work Culture Ethics (WCE) is to give out awards to employees who implement ethics at their work places.

For the second time, in the process of promoting an ethic work culture in Uganda, and in partnership with Uganda National Cultural Centre (UNCC) and Ministry of Public Service department of IWCE is to give out the ethic awards.

The IWCE Executive Director, Sam Bwaya, said. “The Work Culture and Ethics [WCE] Day was created in 2017 as a means to promote ethical work culture in Uganda.  A survey carried out by our institute between April27 and June 30, 2017, challenged Ugandan public to define ethical work culture and the results prompt us to see that the work culture ethics is put into considerations.”

According to the Assistant Commissioner Human Research Manager in the Ministry of Public Service, Florence Tayebwa Muhwezi, an ethical work culture is a work environment where agreed standards and values are encouraged and are consistently exhibited by employees, even when no one is watching.  “Most of our students who come for internships are not aware of what we call work ethic and culture but as we start working with them they gain working ethics and giving awards is a good move,” she said.

The overall purpose of WCE Day 2018 awards is to promote ethical work practices in Uganda. “We are doing this raise public awareness about ethical work culture, reward and recognize organizations and individuals that are putting significant effort in ethical work practices and to popularize a tool that individuals and organization can use to assess their status regarding work culture and ethics,” added  Bwaya

The Work Culture and Ethics Day 2018 will be held on 26th July 2018. As part of the activities leading to the WCE Day, a search for organizations and individuals that are exemplary in exhibiting ethical practices at the workplace will be completed on that day. The process starts with a self-assessment against criteria that is based on the definition and attributes such as values and codes of conduct.

The most cited behaviour such as; transparency, integrity, accountability for decisions, respect for people, time management, equal opportunities to all people, business principles and regular effective communication channels with freedom of expression will be assessed. Evidence of commitment to such guidelines organizations and individuals are encouraged to assess their status in order for them to be eligible to participate in the competition.

To be eligible for the competitive stage, an individual/organization needs to have scored at least 30/50 in the self-assessment.

Winners will receive crystal awards in varying sizes during the WCE Day 2018 dinner and award ceremony. Certificates and recognition in the WCE Day2018 will feature in the magazine and the website. According to Bwaya, the youth will also compete in an essay competition having a topic on Ethics and Integrity written in English in not more than 400 words.



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