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‘Come what may’

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‘Come what may’

‘Come what may’

‘Come what may’

Some people, unfortunately, don’t know the meaning of this short statement ‘people power’.  A lot of people are asking why we cannot stop. Politicians love power. I need people, who have spent more than thirty years at the pool, struggling just on their own, to be healed. So we cannot stop. I am sorry. Thank you for the testimonies.

Thank you for the love. I thank you on behalf of all the wise men and women here for being there all the time when so many people around the world had vowed to stop reading. I discovered a truth and this truth set me free.

Sugar and too much consumption of meat is very bad, doctors say. But if time comes and the uses of such things are discovered, a person will continuously consume such things. They said people can no longer read. That the world is now full of problems and that now people need to settle to look for money. These things, of suffering, happened to me also.

I visited almost all places of worship. Hands of men of God were laid on us. Everything was done. I was an honest man andI listened to the criticisms of people including my close friends and relatives. The more we obeyed, the more completely we were broken down.

I thought people knew everything that I would be in the years that would come ahead. I am out of that world now. I should not therefore assume that all people, especially those around here, know what we know. This mistake of assuming that people near you can understand you or do what you expect from them is very common.

A teacher who thinks so is not teacher. A pastor who says an unimportant person is that one who has now gone past 40 years and still in poverty is lying. Old age is not a curse. Old age is wisdom. I have seen people who had accepted death rising again.They are on their feet now standing and marching ahead. Don’t misquote me.

I said Kizza Besigye and Raila Odinga will never be presidents. Keep on waiting. I will stand by my words ten years from now. Come what may, some people are going to continue ruling while those who are always seen moving around, pretending that they are looking for votes, will  go back home with already milked cattle. I will one day mobilise people to eat,whole heatedly, money of unserious politicians in this country. You will get the things you are seeking. Don’t worry.

Let me tell you, all people have no problem with you and they are your friends, as long as you are still in one place wearing sandals. There, sitting beside the pool, unwillingto fight for healing. As you grow poorer, a lot of people benefit.

No selfish leader laughs in him if the youth he leads accepts to look and see. I have called zero O. Now my life is in danger. Come what may, this exodus must be done with you. Get up and move. Move! Things, to break your heart will happen. New things, to fill you with fear, will happen.

Ladies in sandals see the characteristics of a future minister. Imagine that you are among them.Now approach a common looking lady. She will inform you that you are deceiving, that you want to get words from her.We shall live to see this country changed and its people accepting change come what may.

We have delayed. People are holding phones in Eastern Europe. The poorest Indian too affords a phone. She knows its use. We are glad to today be having leaders here, who are encouraging the existence of peace.

Peace, the United Nations says, should exist everywhere. Why were organisations like the United Nations put in place? Pass by and ask any worker here at the Sunrise. These peoplenow know that it is very useless to give up. Give up knowing that the next thing you must do is committing suicide.

Oh, how painful it is for a parent to see his or her children lacking. We all know what it means for a primary kid to ask for a pen and a book and you, the parent, fail to provide such cheap scholastic materials.

I cannot leave what I began. Yes, I put ladders upon fools and I climb them every day. Stand warned. I do it, day and night. People are depressed. I see what happens around me. Do you? I feel bad, within me. Let’s stand up. Together we can. Come what may, I will, with courage, write and stand, by all willing men and women, come what may.

Sekka Bagenda is a writer.

An inspirational Public Speaker and a Sports Scientist

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